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BMW has been able to capture our hearts with some of the best luxury sport machines on the planet for many years.  Their newest offering is the M2 which is an all-new model that is to replace the once highly lauded M1.  If you have loved the pictures and look you have seen of the M2 you know this car offers a sporty stance, a beautiful coupe/roadster build and a front fascia that seems to have fangs low and wide on the lower grill to give it one of the meanest looks ever on the BMW lineup.  Here are some tidbits of information to help you understand and become even more enticed by this new beauty.

M4 in Miniature – Is this really the successor to the M1 or is it a shrunken M4?  The look is more of the M4 variety, but it really will be able to replace the old M1 without any issue.  This is a coupe that looks strong and ready to roll.  With flared wheel arches and the right proportions this car is ready to take on the track and the road to be the car that will make it one of the most impressive cars on the road in very short order.

Transmission Choices – You can choose from either a manual or an automatic in the M2, which is awesome for this car that is the next coming of the luxury sport coupe.  Not only can you do this, the car will aid you in driving when you do have a manual and encourages a lot of fun to be had from this beautiful car.  There is even a Smokey Burnout mode that lets you enjoy spinning the rear tires hard even at low speeds to have more fun and show off to those who will be gawking at this awesome new car.

Beef Under the Hood – With the massive turbocharged 3.0-liter straight six-liter engine that shows up with 365 horsepower and 343 lb.-ft. of torque this car will easily scream down any road.  The M2 can reach sixty mph in under 4.3 seconds when using the automatic transmission while the manual will make the run in 4.5 seconds.  The top speed comes in at a computer controlled 168 mph which is plenty fast for you to have as much fun as possible.  These numbers are much better than what the M1 was ever able to do, which should give you some comfort.

Grip and Ride – Using axles that have been used on the M3 and M4 along with an all-aluminum suspension and electronically controlled differential you can have a great ride that is fully compliant and planted.  Adding to this control is the larger than standard front and rear disc brakes and a full set of Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires to give you the added precision and stopping control you want to feel confident this car can get the job done and let you have the fun you are looking for from an exceptional driving luxury sports car.

Great Sounds  – With an exhaust note that is audibly loud and the engine that will make all kinds of enjoyable music during shifting up and down this car is one that gives you some of the best driving fun you can have as it gives you a concert of power and precision from under and around the car.  You can have it set to be as loud as you want, which can be a euphoric note when you push the accelerator to the floor and take off on the track or on the highway.

Loaded and Ready to Go – You only really have two decisions to make when you choose this car, the transmission and whether or not to get and upgraded stereo system.  The interior is only offered in one color and has all the features you need to enjoy this amazing machine.  The wheels also come in only one size which is 19-inches.  Of course you do have to select your exterior color, but there are only four to choose from; black, blue, white and gray.  The choices and options are taken away so you can get in and go without any muss or fuss.

GoPro Connectivity – Whether you use this feature to record your hot laps at the track, certainly what I recommend you use it for, or you capture your brushes with other vehicles and choose to use the video evidence to ensure you are awarded the insurance money you deserve is up to you.  The GoPro can be connected through the infotainment system and show the video on the screen in  the center of the console for you to decide exactly what you need to do and how you need to use this footage, for fun or for evidence.

No GTS Out the Gate- As with many new vehicles you often don’t get the top performance model that is shown on higher or lower models.  The reason for this is to see how the public reacts and to find out if the car will actually perform to the standard.  With expectations high and a huge calling for this car already BMW needs to ready their presses to make the M2 GTS to fall in line with the already highly popular M4 GTS that we enjoy on the market that has made a huge impression and paved the road for more GTS models from BMW.

Good Roots – When you look at where the M2 came from its not wonder why this car is such a great choice and should be one of the most popular driving cars in the near future.  The first “perfect driving car” was the E30 M3 and we have also seen the M1 and other great BMW builds over the years.  You can look and see some of the heritage at play with this car that will certainly be a favorite performance model for many who want a great luxury sport coupe to drive on and off the track.

Now that you have learned more about the M2 and where it comes from you can look forward to this awesome car coming out on the market for us to all enjoy and admire.  In just a few short months you will see a car that can be the talk of the town or at least of the automotive industry as the next perfect driver’s car that comes from the same stock as the E30 M3 that has carried that moniker for more than three decades.  Look for this beauty in your BMW showrooms soon and let your imagination take over as you see yourself driving this amazing machine to glory.

2016 Green BMW M4

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