Mercedes-Benz Metris: A US Debut

May times we see vehicles that are successful in Europe and want to enjoy them here in the US in order to have the same capabilities and functionality from the vehicle.  The Mercedes-Benz Metris is a van that is smaller than the full-size Sprinter but its more capable than some of the offerings we have had here in the US for many years.  The Metris has been around for over twenty years in Europe but makes its debut in the US this year and could be the answer many of our businesses need in order to be a great driving van that can haul the items that need to be delivered.

When looking for a smaller RWD van that is great for commercial or fleet purposes this is the new van on the market to choose.  This van even has great driver assistance equipment aboard in order to give you the items you need to enjoy.  Even though we haven’t had it before, this van does have some new features such as the V-Class passenger variant, some premium features and a higher ride quality to be enjoyed.  This van will certainly give us the options we want to navigate the city streets more easily than ever before.

The drive of the Metris is actually easy and direct.  This midsized van feels great to drive and offers a feeling that is more like a small crossover SUV rather than a cargo van that is made for hauling deliveries from place to place.  This is of course a Mercedes-Benz model which allows it to take advantage of some great features like a quiet cabin, a dynamic transmission and a highly responsive steering to make sure you can have a van that will do what you need to when hauling items or heading back home after a long day of making deliveries and hauling cargo around.

We only get one engine to power this van, but it’s a great engine and gives us a great performance to enjoy.  This van uses a 2.0-liter turbocharged inline four-cylinder engine that comes in with 208 horsepower and 258 lb.-ft. of torque which is attached to a seven-speed automatic transmission to give this van the power and performance you need.  Even though this is a smaller powertrain this van can tow up to 4,960 pounds and can be fitted with the AWD system from Mercedes-Benz in order to offer yourself a great cargo van to add to your business for whatever your needs are.

There are both a passenger and cargo variation of this van and they both offer 17-inch wheels, air conditioning, power accessories with a 5.8-inch color screen, seating for seven on the passenger model, a wood floor with D-rings on the cargo model, a full complement of safety features and driver assistance features along with several airbags in order to enjoy the drive and have the features you need.  This gives you a base model of the van that is perfect for driving at any equipment level.

The optional features for this van start with a pair of power-operated sliding doors, black Leatherette seating, heated front seats, a rearview camera, cruise control, blind spot monitoring, collision prevention assistance, lane keeping assistance, Active Parking Assist, a navigation system, automatic climate control and a start stop system on the engine to help save fuel.  The Metris is a great van for cargo and for passenger hauling to give your business the smaller version of a cargo van and with these features you can certainly upgrade the comfort you feel inside the van and enjoy the awesome ride.

For most vehicles the two favorite features usually involve creature comforts, but for this excellent little van the two involve the performance for hauling.  First is the 15,000 mile service intervals between scheduled maintenance visits which means you have fewer times off the road than with many other vehicles.  The other is the towing and payload capacity which are impressive at a towing number of 4,960 pounds and a payload of 2,502 pounds this van with the small four-cylinder engine gives your business a fantastic van to use for whatever hauling your need in order to enjoy the ride and have the right tool to get the job done.

The cabin of the Metris offers you a spacious location to enjoy the ride and have the items you need inside the vehicle.  With 186 cubic feet of space to haul what you want this van is an amazing van to drive and have what you need.  the seating is comfortable and the passenger van has three rows of seats with is room for seven or eight passengers and still have some space behind the rear seat for some cargo to ride along as well.  This gives you a van for carrying a team to a ballgame or the ability to carry your tools and materials for a construction job.

On the outside the Metris is a van, it’s really that simple.  This is a box on wheels that gives you the way to enjoy a ride and have the right functions.  Part of that function is the rear doors that swing 270 degrees for loading and unloading on the cargo vans the passenger ones offer 180 degrees of swing.  There is also an upward lifting tailgate option that you can choose in order to have a van that will be as functional as you can get.

Looking to the price, a van from Mercedes-Benz might suggest it should be expensive, but this cargo van certainly is not too expensive for a business to enjoy.  At a starting price of just below $30,000 for the cargo version and below $33,500 for the passenger model.  Adding options will bring the van to a bit of a higher price, but this van is certainly one that is affordable as a business investment into a tool that can get the job done.  Coming to the US for the first time, businesses now have a smaller Mercedes-Benz van to be one of the most enjoyed versions on the market to give you the ability to drive and haul whatever you need.

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