When There are Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

You have heard the saying “too many cooks ruins the soup” and if you haven’t you have now.  This saying simply notes for us the fact that too much of anything is bad for us and there has even been skits done regarding this principle.  These skits depict a group of people who all come into the kitchen to add something to the soup and eventually ruin the entire concoction with too many ingredients.  Of course some might argue that this soup could be turned into stew, but unless your goal is to make group stew from the start you will have a hard time with this combination.

As I digress you get the point of too much of anything being bad.  Well this principle was put to the test when a British professor took a survey to learn more about what people loved in a car.  The problem was evident from the beginning as the survey spanned over 3,800 individuals who spoke up regarding a variety of cars and what the favorite part was.  You can only imagine the crazy soup that was created when the professor took the surveys and tallied up the different items that needed to go together.

Understand, anyone with some sense might have turned to a professional customizer to find out if a vehicle made of so many parts could even be produced, but not Peter Hancock.  His idea was to paste all the different parts together on his computer and show a car that would be touted as Britain’s perfect car which certainly had merit from a scientific standpoint, but the design was just hideous.  The flaw in this plan was the fact that there isn’t any flow from part to part and with them all just plastered on each other haphazardly these features made for the worst kind of Franken-Car ever.

What makes up this hideous contraption?  The front end features Mini Cooper headlights that are put on the front fascia of an Aston Martin DB9, the doors come from a Rolls Royce Phantom and the mirrors are off of a Citroen C4 Picasso.  Looking to the roof we see the parts from a Lamborghini Gallardo while the Triumph Spitfire rear end is adorned with taillights from the Audi A1.  All of this put together without any of the proper cohesion makes for one of the ugliest cars you could ever behold, thankfully Hancock didn’t try and actually build this nightmare of a machine.

This just goes to show you the artistry and precision that is present when a car tuner creates something that is blended of two or more manufactures or is able to create something gorgeous from practically nothing.  You can also see the benefit each manufacturer has by using a design team that is on the same page creating the right car from the design and elegance of their ideas that come together to bring us the right fit for the build that will come down the assembly line.  If nothing else this experiment by Hancock gives us pause and the ability to admire the handiwork of so many experts and professionals over the years.

Britain’s perfect car

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