Hatchbacks That are The Most Reviewed for 2015

As inexpensive vehicles, hatchbacks offer the ability for parents to purchase a great ride for their newly licensed teens, recent graduates and those headed off to college for some higher learning.  Hatchbacks make it easy to live in the city as much as they do for the ease of campus living making them great choices for the apartment dwellers to enjoy the ease and convenience of maneuvering a small car in the city rather than trying to take on city streets with a large SUV or pickup truck just won’t be easy to drive.

Chevrolet Sonic Larger than the Spark the Sonic offers a personality all its own and takes a lot of inspiration from motorcycles in the shape of the headlights as well as the shape of the gauges on the dashboard.  The Sonic offers space and ability that allows owners to enjoy the ride in a very agile and easy to drive vehicle that has been often reviewed already for 2015.  The Sonic comes in with a 27 city/34 hwy mpg for owners to enjoy and take full advantage of when riding on the highway or in city.

Ford Fiesta The Ford Fiesta although a very interesting hatchback is one of the most exciting and attractive of the entire hatchback class.  Offering a cool sloping shape and great body molding the Fiesta is a fun and energetic car that makes for an easy drive.  The Fiesta shows up with a very nice fuel efficiency that comes in at 28 city/36 hwy mpg for owners to take full advantage of.  The Fiesta reaches the fourth spot on this list of most reviewed hatchbacks for the new model year and is ready to drive.

Chevrolet VoltThe Volt from Chevrolet is the all-electric vehicle that shows up with a very easy to enjoy power supply and offers an interest for consumers in electric vehicles.  Because so many consumers are interested in hybrids and electric vehicles the Volt has gained a great deal of reviews already before the new model year has opened up.  The Volt, even in hatchback form doesn’t appear as wedge shaped as other hatchbacks, but offers the same features of cargo configurations as others.

smart fortwoThe smart fortwo is a hatchback that shows up with a ton of features that makes the car less than a hatchback that was offered by other makers.  As the second most reviewed hatchback many city dwellers are looking to drive a car that will be able to maneuver the city streets very easily.  The fortwo shows up with a fuel efficiency of 34 city/38 hwy mpg that offers the opportunity to make sure owners will be able to avoid gas pumps for a reasonable amount of time.

Toyota PriusThe Toyota Prius is the most reviewed hatchback as the most popular hybrid vehicle on the planet.  Toyota has been able to easily and intelligently engineer the Prius to be the level of hybrid vehicle that offers the most capability.  The Prius shows up with a fuel efficiency of 51 city/48 hwy mpg making the Prius the most fuel efficient gas-powered vehicle on this list.  The Prius offers owners plenty of great features for drivers and passengers to enjoy along with cargo configurations that are enjoyable.

At the top of this great list is the best hybrid car on the planet today and the rest of the list offers interesting and very enjoyable hatchback vehicles that are enjoyable and useful.  As cars that are great for those with short commutes, long commutes, city dwellers and students, hatchbacks have become very popular and easily some of the best cars to drive on the road today.

2016 Blue Toyota prius

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