Fords Fab Five: The CUV/SUV Lineup

Webster’s Dictionary defines the word explorer, as a person who explores unfamiliar territory; an adventurersuch as Ford’s.  Perhaps this is the description Ford Motors was going for when they designed the Ford Explorer in 1990.  Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple decades, the Ford Explorer is a familiar sight, as it is one of the more popular models on the road.  Gradually, Ford has added models of SUVs and Crossovers into their lineup of vehicles, increasing the numbers to five total models available for your every whim, and any adventure. 

Ford began with the Explorer, which was then an SUV, but is now considered a CUV.  As an SUV is typically built using a body on frame format, the Explorer was considered so until 2011, when Ford transitioned to a unibody design classifying it as a Crossover.  They quickly followed production of the Explorer with the Expedition in 1997, replacing the classic Bronco.  The start of the new millennium added the Ford Escape to the roster, a smaller alternative to the Explorer.  In 2007, Ford added the Edge, a rounded out mid-sized Crossover, and quickly followed in 2009 with the Ford Flex, the full-sized CUV.

While each of these models of vehicles possess distinct differences, they are all part of the Ford family, which signifies a commitment to quality and excellent design.  Only one of the five models on the register is actually considered to be a traditional SUV, as most manufacturers are going more in the CUV direction.  Each a different size, a different style, and with different features, the Escape, Edge, Flex, Explorer, and Expedition all are available to suit your sense of adventure, and the spirit of the explorer inside all of us. 

The Ford Escape is a compact crossover that thinks it’s one of the big boys.  With plenty of room for the driver, passengers, and cargo, the Escape has the capacity to seat five adults, and still haul the groceries home.  Loaded with technology, the Escape is at the top of its game when it comes to what is new and exciting in vehicles.  Push button start, power lift-gate, Ford’s patented SYNC technology are just a handful of the features offered in the Escape.  Named one of the Highest Ranked SUVs for Initial Quality by J.D. Power and Associates, it’s ready for you to make your great escape.

In 2007, Ford changed the shape of their SUV lineup and released the Edge.  More rounded and a little more streamlined that the rest of their line, the Edge was the first to offer the Vista roof, an almost full length sunroof, so even backseat passengers can enjoy the feeling of the sun on their faces.  The Edge seats five comfortably, has plenty of room for all your stuff, and still averages 24 mpg combined.  With available features like parking assist, front 180 degree cameras, lane keeping system, and cross traffic alerts, get ready to live on the Edge.

The Ford Flex was new to the scene in 2009, and it was also a game changer for Ford.  The Flex is boxy-shaped, long, and lower to the ground, but seats seven people.  With a power-fold third row, there is no need to wonder if you’re going to be able to fit all of the luggage for your road trip.  Equipped with loads of fun features like available memory pedals, power heated side mirrors, and a back-up camera, it’s waiting for your next adventure or your daily commute.  The Flex is spacious and sturdy, and has enough leg room in both of the back rows so you never have to worrying about Flex-ing your legs. 

Around for the past twenty-five years, the Ford Explorer has been revamped and made a bit more sturdily than the previous years.  Ford has taken pride in correcting any former issues the Explorer may have had.  It’s also a little bit more intimidating looking with a redesigned grille, headlights, and hood.  The Explorer, like the Flex has enough seating for seven, and can tow up to 5000 pounds.  It’s also got all of the technology that you’ll need to take you out and about and to help you enjoy running your weekend errands or a family getaway.  That weekend at the lake with your boat is now a reality, and is ready and willing to satisfy your need for exploration.

The only actual SUV in Ford’s lineup, the Expedition is prepared for a great deal of fun and family.  It will hold 8 adults with room to spare, and will tow an amazing 8500 pounds.  There are forward and reverse sensors that make backing out of the driveway or pulling into the garage a snap for any driver, and a backup camera.  Being a large SUV, the Expedition is also equipped with Hill Start/Assist to stop the potential drift back on a steep hill lending to peace of mind.  An expedition is a journey or a voyage, so go chase yours.

No matter what your needs, Ford has an SUV or Crossover to meet them.  No matter where life may take you, there is a Ford to get you there.  All Ford vehicles is loaded with technology, safety, and performance features that will make sure you enjoy your drive, but feel good doing so, so feel free to explore, escape, and journey your way through life. 

Ford Explorer 2016

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