What does an ‘Emotional Connection’ Cost?

 2016 Acura NSX Silver

One of the most attractive new offerings coming in the 2016 model year is the Acura NSX. After several showings before finally gaining the response desires ate the Detroit Auto Show Acura has announced and began production of the new NSX. This new NSX is the supercar offering from Acura that is made to make an immediate emotional connection with the driver; at least that is the take Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Acura Division Mike Accavitti claims. Looking at the awesome high-performance appearance and awesome aerodynamics gives the feeling Mr. Accavitti is probably correct.

The NSX will be marketed in the US under the Acura name, but be offered in other parts of the world with the Honda badge, which is the parent company. The car will be built in the Marysville, Ohio plant with a limited production run to ensure there will be a high demand for this newly designed super car from Acura. So is an “Emotional Connection” worth the cost of an Acura NSX? With a price tag expected to be in the $150,000 neighborhood that must be a completely amazing connection between the car and driver to be worth that price tag.

The NSX will be the first supercar offered from Acura that will have a hybrid powertrain. Many of the others including the Porsche 918, McLaren P1, and Ferrari LaFerrari already have these aboard so why not the NSX? In fact what the NSX will have is three electric motors, one in back and two up front to help support the new twin-turbo mid-mounted V6 engine that will power this mean beast down the road. This engine is attached to a twin-clutch nine-speed automatic transmission and the SH-AWD system aids in the overall control of the car to give the driver a chance to handle all the power at once.

How much power? The NSX offers similar power to the Ferrari 458 which uses a 4.5-liter V8 to produce 562 horsepower, but the NSX does this with the V6 and its electric motors making it much more fuel efficient than the Ferrari 458. In fact the fuel efficiency numbers are expected to be on par with a turbocharged four-cylinder model, making this one of the most efficient supercars on the entire planet when it is finally brought to sale in 2016.

After all this, is the price tag worth the “emotional connection”? If you have the money to afford an Acura NSX it certainly will be. This car is a super car that makes it way forward with instant acceleration and awesome torque from the three hybrid engines. Not much can even match the overall performance offered on the NSX and the features aboard continue to give the feeling of a fantastic luxury super car that will amaze you ever single time you step inside this awesome car. If you need one more feather in order to make the decision this car being made in American should certainly make a difference, even though the world has gotten smaller, we don’t get that proud statement as often as we would like anymore and having that knowledge just might push you over the edge to buying this great new car from Acura.

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