Buick, Finally we are Getting a Model in the US

2015 Opel Cascada Driving

So often you can see many models like that are only offered overseas because the US is much stricter with the safety requirements and emissions regulations than almost every other country on the planet. Unfortunately that usually means we don’t get the benefit of enjoying some of the awesome vehicles that are offered elsewhere and only get the pleasure of reading about them. This time though, that is not the case as the Opel Cascada which has been prowling the roads of Europe since 2013 will now be offered in the US under the Buick brand name.

In efforts to turn the Buick name from one that was most attractive to older generations, Buick has shown off in many commercials that feature young up and coming actors who appear surprised by the modern look and great features offered in the new Buick lineup. The Cascada will be the next in this transition to the younger crowd and show up as the first convertible car offered by Buick in over twenty-five years. The Cascada has shown itself in many auto shows already and is ready to debut on the roads in the US allowing us to take full advantage of what it has to offer.

The Cascada offer a 106.1-inch wheelbase which is enough to give decent leg room in the rear seat even though it is a smaller car. The suspension will give a great ride, as expected from Buick, but it won’t be passively comfortable as the brand has produced for many years, but be active and full of feedback to allow you to enjoy the ride and feel the excitement of really driving a car. The steering will be electrically assisted and the 20-inch wheels will fill the wheel wells and offer added control to the car.

Offering a sleek and low roofline along with an angle from the hood to the roof that appears to be seamless, the Cascada will look as though it should be in a roadster class, but the addition of an adult sized backseat means more can come along and enjoy the ride. Inside the Cascada will feature the Wi-Fi that has become synonymous with GM products along with offering the Buick IntelliLink infotainment center with a 7.0-inch touch screen plus navigation. This car will also feature a bevy of driver assistance features including lane departure warning, rear park assistance, a rearview camera, rain sensing wipers, and even pop up bars behind the rear seats which deploy when rollover is detected. The top can be raised or lowered at speeds up to 31 mph, giving a more dramatic effect.

This is one offering that truly has me excited to see the car arrive here in the States. Of course, the car had to be modified slightly to conform to the government regulations including offering an upgraded bumper and front end to increase the overall safety of the car. Even with the few modifications, the Cascada will prove to be one of the best looking cars on the lots of Buick dealers around the country later this fall.

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