After Redrawing Exterior, the 2015 Camry is Hushing Critics

2015 Toyota Camry Black

If there’s one thing that critics have used against the Toyota Camry over the years, it’s that they’ve looked boring. Toyota listened and made a mid-generation overhaul on the exterior for the 2015 model. The result: critics and drivers seem to love it.

The best selling car in America didn’t need to make any changes on the insanely reliable drivetrain, but they did add additional noise cancellation to make the interior even quieter than before. Now, the 2015 Toyota Camry can look to the future to keep innovation high in order to stay on top of the most competitive segment in the automotive industry. There is no shortage of options in the midsized-sedan segment and everyone is gunning for Toyota. Even the lauded Honda Accord can only try to keep up with this vehicle’s specs, claiming similar numbers across the board from trunk space to MPGs.

We looked to some of the biggest naysayers for the 2014 model and then examined what they had to say about the 2015. Many didn’t take it on; you’ll find that even in the world of “unbiased” journalism that if someone has nothing bad to say, they won’t say anything at all. Of the ones that we did find, the vast majority said that the 2015 is a dramatic improvement even though it’s pretty much the same car overall.

Could it be perfect? We know it’s not, so we were determined to find some criticisms from across the web. In the article department, we were able to find a few flaws including this from The Bulletin:

But under hard acceleration, the engine got kind of coarse above 4,000 rpm, and it lacked the sharp responses of a direct-injected V-6.

We found the harshest recent video review we could find in order to find any dirt at all on the vehicle. The winner turned out to be Kelley Blue Book who gave it a harsh attempt at criticism but was only able to muster attacks on the seats. Otherwise, it was a pretty stellar review.

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