Are You A Used Car Sales Insider?

The big question has always been “Who is the guy behind the caricature of the dark-haired guy with the big smile and beard?” Well, now we know.

If you’ve ever scrolled through the list of podcasts on your phone, you’ve probably heard of Car Dealership Guy. For the past two years, he has racked up millions of followers through his social media channels, newsletters, and, of course, the podcast that gives listeners and viewers insights to help them when looking for cars for sale.

It All Came Out in Vegas

A short documentary was shown at the 2024 National Automobile Dealers Association Show that just took place in Vegas, and during this documentary Car Dealership Guy finally revealed himself. Yossi Levi, the founder of Gettacar, is the person behind the mask.

Gettacar’s Quick Rise and Fall

Levi took his lifelong experience in car sales and founded Gettacar in 2018. The online platform made it easy for buyers to search for and find cars for sale. Customers could complete a car purchase in as little as 12 minutes with real-time financing options and a 365-day warranty. The car would be delivered as soon as the next day, and they could drive it for seven days with the option of returning it within those seven days if they didn’t like it.
Unfortunately, even with millions of dollars of funding, during the pandemic, Levi and his team found they couldn’t keep up with the demand for used cars. They had to lay off many employees before finally closing up shop completely in 2023.

It Started with Anonymous Tweets

It was the downfall of Gettacar that led Levi to create the persona of Car Dealership Guy and start Tweeting about car sales and what goes on behind the scenes. Two years later, he is part of a full-blown media company with a podcast, social media channels, newsletter, and other services that allow people to find cars for sale, sell their used vehicles, and even look for jobs in the auto industry.

What Are Some Car Dealership Guy’s Insights?

Car Dealership Guy has a lot of experience in the used car market, and his listeners and readers enjoy his insights. So, what are some of the things that he has to say about what’s going on in the market right now? He says that consumers are returning to the showrooms. While online car dealerships such as Carvana and Tesla that deliver an excellent online buying experience, most car buyers would rather go to a dealership and have an in-person experience.

Why Take the Cloak off Now?

After two years of anonymity, why did Car Dealership Guy choose to reveal himself now? Levi says that Car Dealership Guy is all about transparency in used car sales, but he was not being transparent. Now his followers know where their information about cars for sale is coming from, and he can make a better connection with his audience.

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