Getting the Best Deal on a Used Car

The used car buying process can be daunting, especially when trying to stick to a budget. Let’s take a look at some great ways to make sure you buy the right way.

These days car dealerships are more transparent than years past, thanks in part to the internet and requirements for vehicle pricing to be disclosed. While this is a good thing for consumers, the age-old customer-to-dealer relationship still feels adversarial. Used cars also carry a slightly higher risk than buying new, mostly due to not knowing the specific vehicle’s history. However, knowledge is power. Below are a few great tips and strategies that can be used to ensure a smart and well-rounded purchase, and will help avoid feeling a dreaded case of buyer’s remorse.

Dealing With Dealers

Most used vehicle purchases take place at the dealership. It can be an intimidating place because most of us have experienced the feeling of being pressured into buying before we’re ready. Knowing the facts is important, such as whether or not the vehicle you’re interested in is priced fairly, and always be sure to ask for the service history which will show what work has been done to the vehicle and potentially what hasn’t. It’s also important to remember that you are in control and that you can say no if something feels off about the car, or if you’re just uncomfortable with how the dealership interaction is going.

Used Car Condition

Buying used can help tremendously when you find yourself working within a tight budget. Most used cars carry a significantly reduced price when compared to similar new models, however not all used cars are similar. Test driving is the best way to get to know a car, and can tell you a lot about its condition and potential longevity. Pay attention during the test drive to any shakes, rattles, or strange noises that sound out of place as these are warning signs that could point toward expensive repairs down the road. If you find a car that seems to drive great but are still unsure, ask the dealer to allow an outside inspection.

Making Sure the Price Is Right

Another great topic to keep in mind when deciding on a used car is resale value. When car shopping, you’ll notice that some used cars will vary widely in price based more on make or model and less on mileage or condition. Typically, vehicles known for better reliability and longevity hold their value more than others. That doesn’t mean the lower-priced options are bad choices, however, it’s good to keep in mind that, on average, you get what you pay for.

Armed with these tips and strategies, you can rest easy knowing your used car purchase was an informed decision. Are you ready to buy?


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