We Can Only Dream About the Chevy Montana in the U.S.

The Chevrolet Montana recently made its debut on YouTube in Brazil. It’s the brand’s first compact unibody pickup truck and offers the comfort you get in an SUV with the capability and utility of a pickup truck. There’s a lot to get excited about with this new truck, but unfortunately U.S. drivers can only dream about getting one. It will only be available in Brazil and other South American countries. Here’s a quick look at what we’re missing.

A Capable Lifestyle Truck

The Chevy Montana has such a sleek exterior look that it could be mistaken for a mortal lifestyle truck, but when you take a close look, it is extremely capable and has the toughness you want in a pickup. It’s now in its third generation with some big changes that drivers in America would love. It’s now based on a unibody platform with a 115-inch wheelbase. The front end looks a lot like the Chevrolet Blazer with full LED headlights, and it has a raised cargo bed. Black plastic cladding covers the lower body section, it comes with 17-inch alloy wheels, and you can add roof rails and a sport bar above the bed.

The Multi-Flex Cargo Bed

The new and impressively innovative Multi-Flex Cargo Bed is designed to function not just as a regular pickup bed, but it’s almost like magic how it can also serve as a 31-cubic foot trunk. The trunk has an advanced tonneau cover with a sealing system that makes it completely waterproof, and buyers can customize it with a wide variety of accessories to create the ultimate cargo carrier. The composite bed comes with a movable shelf that can separate items to keep them organized, and there are multi-board dividers that will section off areas of the bed to keep them separate from others.

A Quick Peek Inside

Chevy is slowly releasing details to the Brazilian market about the latest Chevrolet Montana, and they even released a small peak inside the cabin. It will now have a new center pod that juts up from the dash that combines the instrument panel with the infotainment screen, and it will still have some physical knobs to control some functions.

The Ford Maverick needs some competition, so it’s surprising that the Chevrolet Montana won’t make its way here anytime soon. If you’re holding your breath, waiting for a small Chevy truck to arrive, you’ll just have to hope they have their sleeve.

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