The Ford Maverick: An Affordable Hybrid Truck

The Ford Maverick has much more going for it than its low base price. In fact, you could say that it’s packed with amenities.

Ford Motor Company will release an all-hybrid compact truck in the Fall of 2021. With a starting price promised to be under $20K can Ford make a big splash with a smaller truck?

All eyes look to Ford how for the next steps in the electric truck game. They released the first all-electric full-size truck only a few months back. Now the king of the Big Three is unveiling a compact truck in hopes of cashing in on a different segment.

Enter the Ford Maverick and its hard-to-believe price point and standard hybrid engine.

The Ford Maverick: More than an affordable option

Base price under $20,000

Might as well get that super-low base price out of the way first.

The Ford Maverick marketing team has been going all-in on the low starting price point.

And why not?

There’s no better way to get a first-time truck shopper to give them a shot than pricing it for all budgets.

At the very least, it’ll keep first-time truck shoppers from eliminating it on price alone. Not much room for sticker shock at less than $20k.

40 MPG City

The truck-averse group that views trucks as gas guzzlers will feel their ears perk up with that EPA rating.

That’s a 40 MPG rating in the city no less.

This is going straight after the sub-compact car crowd that doesn’t want to fill up every other day.

The Hybrid Engine factor

Hybrid engines have long been marketed towards an earth-conscious segment. It’s an easy sell since hybrid engines run cleaner than full combustion counterparts.


This is also a big part of why the Maverick can get such excellent gas mileage.

A compact truck that seats five

Ford Maverick

Considering that a 2001 Ford F-150 only set three, this is a nice selling point for the Maverick. Whether commuting to work or play, minimizing emissions will wow the compact crowd.

It’s a Ford

Ford knows more than a thing or two about trucks. The F-150 has converted countless car people into Ford truck fans.

If any compact truck brand is going to penetrate a car-favored demographic, most bets will be on Ford to pull it off.


Head-to-Head: A look at the Ford Maverick’s competition


The Hyundai Santa Cruz is the easy choice for a head-to-head comparison for the Ford Maverick. Although the Santa Cruz is marketed as a “Sports Adventure Vehicle,” it sure does look like a compact truck to me.


Quick notes on the Hyundai Santa Cruz:


  • The Santa Cruz was the first compact “truck” of its type to market


  • Initially, the Santa Cruz was poised to challenge the Honda Ridgeline—a truck considered an SUV by some, a car by others, and a truck by some.


  • The Santa Cruz vs Ridgeline competition sheds some like on the “Sports Adventure Vehicle” positioning by Hyundai


Compact Truck Base Price Engine Drivetrain Bed Size MPG
Ford Maverick <$20K Hybrid FWD 4.5-ft. long 40
Hyundai Santa Cruz <$30k Hybrid AWD/FWD 4-ft. long 21



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