The Best Auto Companies to Work For

One way to know if you’re working for one of the best auto companies is how they give back to the community through philanthropy efforts.

Many of the major automakers have their own programs that give back and donate to programs that are meant to improve the lives of people around the country. You might be surprised by some of these programs and how they help.

The Ford Fund

The Ford Fund is one of the oldest community support programs in the country. Since 1949, the Ford Fund has partnered with nonprofit organizations around the country that support education, promote safe driving, improve community life, and encourage employees to participate through volunteer work. You probably already knew that Ford was a great company to work for, but now that you know more about the philanthropy efforts, you can submit your application to work at any Ford location.

Toyota Has Several Ways to Give Back to the Community

There’s no denying that Toyota is one of the best auto companies to work for. While there are many programs that Toyota supports, here are three of them that make a huge difference to people around the country. This company is interested in caring and growth in various communities around the US.

Toyota Mobility Foundation

This foundation is set up to address the mobility challenges and needs of people in urban areas. Whether it’s a need for a ride to and from specific destinations or through vehicles that are outfitted to meet the need of people with disabilities, the Toyota Mobility Foundation is ready to offer the solution and help the community.

Meals on Wheels

This program provides meals to seniors and people with disabilities that can’t make it to the grocery store to get supplies. Toyota helps to give back to the community by offering know-how and resources to two of the North Texas Meals on Wheels programs.

Toyota USA Foundation

This foundation is a $100 million charitable endowment that began in 1987 to support student programs in the STEM categories. This foundation can support students from preschool through college and allows children that might not have the opportunity to succeed to find a path to educational success with this program.

The Subaru Love Program is a Five-Tiered Effort

The five aspects of the Subaru Love program are Pets, Learning, Help, Care, and Earth. This program is made to spread the Love Promise of Subaru as far as it can be taken. Whether it’s a team from a Subaru dealership planting some trees, the company donating to hospitals and health care, fighting hunger with donations, advancing learning through scholarships, or working to keep pets safe and healthy, this is a company that’s making an impact.

COVID-19 Brought Several Automakers Together

If you’re trying to decide if you’re going to be working for one of the best auto companies, you want to see how these automakers found ways to give back to the community during the recent COVID-19 pandemic. Nothing has struck the world the same way in more than a century and automakers have vast resources that can aid in many ways.

Some Companies Worked to Make Medical Supplies and Equipment

General Motors built some of the ventilators that were needed and in short supply in hospitals. They build these at their Kokomo, Indiana plant. FCA worked to create the protective face masks needed by the healthcare workers by donating more than 1 million masks per month. Ford jumped in and created ventilators needed in collaboration with GE Healthcare. Toyota also began to build ventilators and Tesla even jumped in and reopened its solar panel factory in Buffalo, New York for the sole purpose of producing Medtronic ventilators.

Other Companies Made Monetary Donations

Hyundai has its own community support program called Hyundai Hope on Wheels. Through this program, Hyundai was able to donate $2 million for COVID-19 drive-through testing centers around the United States. Toyota also donated $500,000 to the United Way to assist those that needed food, water, childcare, and emergency relief during the hardships that were caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ask About How a Company Gives Back to the Community

If you want to know that you’re working with one of the best car companies in the world or simply in your local area, you want to ask about the philanthropy efforts. Does this company get involved in community service projects and find great ways to give back to the community? Are employees encouraged to volunteer and help those that need it? This should be an important part of your decision whether or not to work with an auto company.

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