The End of This Tesla Model S Crash Won’t Be Movie-Worthy

At 12:10 am on Sunday, March 20, a driver going way too fast in a Tesla Model S flew through the air and crashed into two parked cars.

This careless action was intentional and caught on videos that have gone viral on social media. While it certainly looks similar to some of the crash scenes we see in movies, the end of this tale will not be a happy one. While the overall result might only be charges of a misdemeanor, the driver will likely need to pay for the damage done.

The Jump Scene is a Familiar One

For some reason, the intersection of Baxter Street and Alvarado Street in the Echo Park part of Los Angeles is a popular place to try this stunt. It seems to be situated perfectly for a car traveling at high speeds to jump into the air and then land in the street forward of the intersection. There was some announcement of the intention of this event because a crowd gathered to witness the event. This incident took place following a Tesla meet. Many people caught the event on video, which tells us this was not an accident.

The Tesla was a Rental

Jokingly, we’ve seen movies that tell us you can rent a car and do just about anything you want to it as long as you’ve paid for the insurance coverage. While we don’t yet know if the driver of this rented Tesla Model S paid Enterprise for the insurance coverage, we know the car was rented from this company. As soon as the videos emerged, the Los Angeles Police Department asked for all leads and tips they could get but now have asked for them to stop as they have more than they need.

Who is the Person of Interest

As of this writing, we don’t know the identity of the driver of the Model S that accomplished the jump across the intersection. The LAPD is working with both Tesla and Enterprise to find the person driving the car. Thankfully, nobody was injured in the crash, but the crash resulted in thousands of dollars worth of damage to the two vehicles hit when the Model S landed. This crash will likely result in revocation of the insurance paid and require the driver to pay damages out of pocket.

What Kind of Damage Was Done?

One owner of the two parked cars hit during the event, Jordan Hook, recounted the events in a YouTube video about the damage. He stated the car was hit pretty badly, which messed up the front tires, steering column, and suspension. These items are enough to cause his Subaru Forester to be totaled, which means he will need to get another vehicle. That is something Hook shouldn’t have to deal with just because a group acted in an immature and moronic way on public roads.

A Cat Went Along for the Ride

During his video, Hook mentioned two of his neighbors saw the group carrying a cat out of the crashed car. One neighbor reported seeing kitty litter and other items in the back of the car, which seems strange, but everything about this event seems strange. The group watching the event got into cars that were from the meetup and left the area, but none did so in any rush.

Certainly, this is not what a Tesla Model S is meant to do. While the viral videos might get the attention of Elon Musk, it would be irresponsible of all authorities and companies involved to let the driver get away without charges or penalties.

What is the Tesla Model S?

If you’re unfamiliar with what this car offers, it would be a surprise. The Model S has been the cornerstone sedan of this brand for the past few years. Each year, it’s better than the previous one, giving us more of what we want for the drive. This groundbreaking luxury EV is one of the most popular cars in the market. It might be a luxury car, but it’s also one that has set some speed record with a top speed of 200 mph and acceleration that can hit sixty mph in 1.99 seconds when configured properly.

An Advanced EV With all the Trimmings

Inside, you’ll find a roomy, high-tech interior with almost all of the controls for this car built into the massive 17-inch infotainment screen. While we aren’t sure when you stop calling them infotainments screens and just call them computer monitors, you’ll have the most advanced technology in the market when you drive the Model S. This car has supportive and comfortable seats that make it easy for you to spend a lot of time in this luxury performance EV sedan.

The Latest Package of Power

Two power options give you the drive you want in the 2022 version of the Tesla Model S. The Long Range model gives you a pair of AC electric motors that combine for 670 horsepower and a driving range of 405 miles if you have the 19-inch wheels. Select the 21-inch wheels, and you reduce this number to 375 miles of driving.

The Plaid model increases the power you find with three AC electric motors that combine to return 1,020 horsepower and a driving range of 396 miles on 19-inch wheels or 348 miles on 21-inch rims.

The Car in the Crash Wasn’t the Latest Model

The reports around the crashed jumping Model S in Los Angeles had more to do with finding the culprit than the car itself, which they should. We do know this car is a 2018 model, and since it’s a rental car, it’s most likely one of the models with the least amount of power. This tells us that you don’t need a lot of power to get a car airborne at that intersection. Of course, it probably helps that this is an EV that performed the stunt. The instant torque equals quick acceleration, which can more easily launch a car.

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