Tesla Continues to Leave Bodies in its Wake

It’s never been a secret that working for Tesla requires a person to be able to perform and produce results and when that doesn’t take place they are asked to either resign their position or outright fired. The goal and thought process at Tesla is to continually bring in the brightest minds and the best in the industry to offer the build and the development of the products that are part of what Tesla is offering. Its certainly not easy work, but when results reach desired levels, there are celebrations and congratulations of achievements that ensue.

Recently, two high-ranking engineers that were in charge of the production automation at Tesla have left the company. These two have been with the company for at least the past seven years, which means they have seen the development of the three mass production models that we currently admire and enjoy this brand. Unfortunately, with every model that’s been built from this company we’ve seen delays in the production process that have taken place. Most recently, the Model 3 has been created and the company hasn’t been able to ramp up to the production levels stated previously.

Resigned to the Results

The two engineers that resigned their positions recently are Jason Mendez and Will McColl. Mendez had been with the company since 2005 while McColl has been with Tesla for the past seven years and thanked the team and the company for the experiences had while working for the company. He mentioned the fact that his colleagues would have to possess strength and resolve in order to create the production numbers needed to make the number of Model 3s that will finally meet the goals of production the company has stated they are looking for.

Originally, the Model 3 was expected to be at a level of production that would churn out 5,000 models per week, but that milestone has long been a lofty goal and the deadline of being able to do this by the end of 2017 has already passed. Now, the team at Tesla states they will reach for 2,500 Model 3s per week by the end of the first quarter of 2018 with the 5,000 per week mark reserved for the end of the second quarter, which will still be a massive jump in the numbers that will be created by the company.

Eventually, the team at Tesla has set a goal of being able to produce 500,000 vehicles per year across the different production lines they have. This would mean a production of nearly 10,000 vehicles per week between the different models, which hasn’t been the case at all yet. While we wait to see if the Tesla team can reach these numbers and offer us the production we desire, the fact remains there are hundreds of thousands of people who placed a reservation for the Model 3 that will continue to wait until the company figures out how to make the number needed to fulfill all the orders that have been placed.

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