Make Your Current Car Last

We are in a world where new cars are practically unavailable, used cars are priced higher than ever, and supply line delays mean having to wait for parts. Drivers are looking at ways to make sure their current rides can keep running.

Until things go back to normal, it’s a tough time to be in the market for a new ride.

From keeping up with vehicle maintenance like your car’s oil change schedule to complete inspections, drivers should prioritize making their current cars last. That’s the only way to survive this crazy market.

Get an Oil Change

One of the most critical tasks in vehicle maintenance is getting an oil change. Engine parts must remain lubricated to function properly. Over time, oil degrades and gets dirty. Getting an oil change removes any debris that gets into this viscous fluid and keeps your engine healthy. Check your owner’s manual to know how often your car needs a life-maintaining oil change.

Go Through The Car Wash

Believe it or not, keeping your car’s exterior clean is a great way to keep things running. When dirt accumulates, it can negatively impact the way you handle the road. Not only does a shiny clean car ensure problems don’t accumulate, but it helps to keep your car looking good at the same time.

Check Those Wheels

When you rotate your tires, you help balance out the tread wear. That means your tires will last longer. You should also make sure that your tires are properly aligned. If your tires aren’t in the right alignment, it could lead to steering problems or accidents.

Stop Forgetting About Your Brakes

When your brakes don’t work, it’s only a matter of time before something terrible happens. Avoiding accidents means keeping an eye on your brake pads, fluids, and pedal. That might also mean checking your rotors to ensure everything stops when it’s supposed to.

Fluids Mean Everything

Your car has a number of fluids pumping around for different purposes. In the same way that your vehicle needs an oil change once in a while, you need to ensure that other fluids are at their proper levels. If you’re not sure where to look and which systems use fluids, check your owner’s manual or talk to a pro. Typically, you can expect some kind of fluid in your brake lines, engine/oil pan, cooling system, power steering, etc.

Inspections Save Lives

On top of keeping with your regularly scheduled vehicle maintenance routine, it’s important to have your car looked over by a pro at least once a year. Mechanics will check all of your vital systems, hoses, belts, joints, and other parts to look for damage or potential problems. It’s much better to catch an issue before it becomes a problem.

While having inspections, repairs, and maintenance on your vehicle will cost a little bit of money, it’s much less expensive to keep your current car in tip-top shape than to try and buy a new automobile in our current market.

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