Keep Your Engine in Check

There is an indicator that none of us want to see when we drive. This indicator is the check engine light which can come on at times when we’re driving. This light can mean a variety of possible issues are occurring with your car and it doesn’t do you any good to keep on driving with this light on inside your vehicle. You need to have your vehicle checked to find out what this indicator light means and how it can affect you on the road, especially if you ignore it for too long.

Most of the time all you need to do to find out why your check engine light is one is bring your car to a certified mechanic and let them take a look. This mechanic can hook up their machines to your car and tell you why this indicator has come on and then offer the advice you need to help you decide what you need to do to have your engine fixed. There are several different possibilities that can be the reason this light came on and most of them have to do with different internal systems in your engine.

There is one thing that can happen that you can take a look at to see if it’s why your check engine light came on and that’s your gas cap. Unfortunately you will have to ask a service technician to turn the light off so that you can see if that’s the problem, but there are times when your gas cap can be on too loose which would cause you to leak emissions and is why this can result in the check engine light coming on. This may be a small inconvenience, but it’s certainly less expensive than an actual engine repair.

The Check Engine light might indicate your onboard computer is reading something wrong or one of the different systems are malfunctioning which means you need to bring your vehicle in to have it repaired. Don’t hesitate to have this checked. You don’t want to drive down the road and find out that your engine is malfunctioning, especially when you’re several miles from home. This will cause you to have to pay for a tow truck, possibly a rental car and the repair of your vehicle, which might have become more expensive because you ignored the Check Engine light for several days, weeks or even longer.

Bring your vehicle to a certified mechanic when you see this Check Engine light come on and find out what’s wrong with your car. You’re better off finding out you have a loose gas cap or and easy fix that only takes a couple of hours rather than learning that a full repair will be needed to your engine. Don’t hesitate and wait to have your vehicle checked, come in and have your vehicle repaired right away and you’ll be back on the road in no time. Come in and see a certified technician and let them take care of your car the right way.

05.05.17 - Check Engine Light

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