SUV, Looks Just Aren’t There

As the crossover and SUV markets have become larger and full of impressive vehicles that offer you more of the vehicles you might want to drive, some of them have become something of an eyesore. There are some of these vehicles that don’t have the look you want to give you the impression of being the right way to see what a vehicle should be. With that in mind, it seems there are some vehicles that are deemed to be the ugliest vehicles on the market in this class. Check out some of the ugly vehicles:

Bentley Bentayga – As a vehicle that comes from the Bentley brand this is the SUV that didn’t give you the look or the feel that you’re looking for. When you want to drive a vehicle from this brand you expect it to look more classy and attractive than what this vehicle is and this was unfortunately a style failure for this brand.

Volkswagen Atlas – The goal with this new SUV might not be to have an attractive SUV to drive, this is one of the most subdued vehicles from a style standpoint. You can easily enjoy the drive that you’ll have with this big SUV that will be a first from VW but it isn’t one of the more attractive models, quite the opposite actually.

Tesla Model X – This was a fail from the style standpoint, even if this is one of the most advanced vehicles on the market. Basically, the Model X is a sedan with a slightly higher roof and it lacks most of the SUV qualities you want, but it certainly is a vehicle that looks interesting, even if it’s not one that is actually attractive.

Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe – It may surprise you to see this name on the list because Mercedes-Benz is known for having attractive vehicles, but an SUV that has a coupe style that sits up a bit off the road is akin to the Model X from Tesla. This would have been better if it had more SUV looks to it and less of the coupe style that’s present.

BMW X4 – This smallish SUV isn’t even able to be fully qualified as an SUV and is more of a confused vehicle that doesn’t know its place on the road. You have to seriously love what the X4 offers you before you choose to drive this model that appears to have nothing that you want when you need and SUV with actual capabilities.

Lexus LX570 – The challenge with this car is the fact that it hasn’t seen any improvements in the look and feel of this vehicle over the twenty years that it’s been on the road. The only real change that was added to this SUV was the spindle grill that was part of the massive drive you can have with this big Lexus.

Jeep Cherokee – the biggest problem with the Cherokee is the fact that it doesn’t actually look like a classic Jeep with the fact that this SUV has a smooth front end and the looks that make it one of the ugly models on this list. If this Cherokee were built with the same front end as the Grand Cherokee it might not make this list.

Fiat 500L – While this is barely an SUV it somehow qualifies as one and it ends up being one of the ugliest on the list. You can argue with the awkward look and feel of this car that makes it as ugly as you can get. This car isn’t even in the “so ugly it’s cute” category and it certainly shouldn’t be classified as an SUV at all.

Kia Sportage – The Sportage has changed over the years and it has gotten better and better each year, but that doesn’t stop it from being ugly. As a vehicle built form the same company that makes the Optima, which is one of the most attractive vehicles in its class, this SUV is easily one that should be changed to be more attractive.

Infiniti QX80 – Here is an SUV that truly makes the ugly list with its snub nosed front end and the design that needed to be less of a square and more of a work of design, which this SUV seemed to completely lack. You might like the drive and the feel of this SUV but it certainly isn’t something to look at that you’ll enjoy.

05.12.17 - Bentley Bentayga

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