Can We Trust VW Anymore?

Has Volkswagen come far enough to have earned our trust once again? Can we put our confidence in this brand?

When you think about where this brand was only a few years ago compared to today, you’ll be amazed by how far VW has come in just a few years. With this in mind, let’s think about where this brand was when the diesel scandal took place and then highlight the current lineup of vehicles this brand has to offer.

At the Time of the Scandal…

Emissions Cheating Were Rampant

It wasn’t that long ago that we saw the scandal that has put an enormous black eye on the brand reputation of VW. The company has had to either buy back or terminate the lease of more than 500,000 diesel-powered small cars and pay huge amounts of money in retributions. This was one of the worst things that have happened in the automotive market in history.

Powertrain Reliability was a Serious Problem

Not only was Volkswagen hit with the emissions scandal, but many of the powertrains were also unreliable, especially in the high-volume four and five-cylinder engines that were used for the Passat and Jetta models. This was a serious problem, making it hard to trust this brand and know that you could have a car that would give you a fantastic drive.

VW Didn’t Fit Neatly in the Market

The beauty of VW was also a trouble spot for it. This was the only European brand not to be in the luxury or premium categories, which made it hard to figure out. The vehicles offered were typically a little higher on the scale than Ford or Toyota models but didn’t quite reach the quality level of other brands in the VW Group family.

No Compact Crossover Offered

Sales in the compact crossover SUV market were growing exponentially at the time of the Volkswagen scandal, and VW didn’t have much to show for itself at the time. This was an area of the market where this brand was falling short.

The Market is Crowded

Not only were there tons of Japanese models coming to the market, but we saw tons of amazing models from the Detroit Big Three and from Korea. This makes for a crowded market in the US, making it difficult for VW to regain a foothold once our trust had been shattered by the scandal.

What Do WeSee Now?

The current VW lineup has grown, evolved, and gives us a lot more confidence in what’s being offered than ever before. Today, we see the following names in the lineup: Arteon, Atlas, Golf, ID.4, Jetta, Passat, Taos, and Tiguan. Many of the newer names on this list are crossover SUVs, and the ID.4 is the first of the all-electric models promised by Volkswagen shortly after it was hit hard by the scandal.

The Halo Car: VW Arteon

The largest car in the VW lineup is the Arteon, which arrived in the market just a few years ago. This car has a sporty appearance package and an impressive 300-horsepower engine that can give you the performance and sportiness you’re looking for. The Arteon is competing in a market that has very few competitors right now, the full-size sedan class.

The Family SUV: VW Atlas

One of the most popular vehicles in the current Volkswagen lineup is the Atlas which is a three-row SUV that can carry your entire family wherever you need to go. This is one of the roomiest vehicles in its class to give you plenty of legroom in all three areas of this SUV. Enjoy the quality feeling and drive the Atlas brings to your ride so that you can take the entire family out for adventures to where you want to go. There’s a coupe-like version of this SUV called the Atlas Cross Sport if you’re looking for a smaller model.

The Venerable Performer: VW Golf

There are two versions of the VW Golf to give you the performance and fun you’re looking for on the road and track. Select the Golf GTI or Golf R and let this little car be the hot hatch that you love to drive when you’re behind the wheel. This car has been synonymous with fun for a long time, and it continues to deliver for you.

An Electric Volkswagen: VW ID.4

The first of the electric vehicles offered by this brand is the ID.4 electric crossover which is a futuristic model that can drive for 250 miles on a single full charge. This vehicle is packed with technology and offers you a stylish, quiet ride wherever you want to go. This is just the beginning of the electric vehicles that will be part of the VW lineup going into the future.

Names You Know: VW Jetta and Passat

If you want a compact or midsize sedan to drive, the two names you know are still part of the mix, giving you the impressive driving qualities you’re looking for. There aren’t any diesel models offered any longer, but that’s probably a good thing. Check out the VW Passat or Jetta when you want a sedan that comes from a brand that isn’t exactly mainstream.

Subcompact Crossover Driving: VW Taos

The smallest SUV in the Volkswagen lineup is the Taos which gives this brand something it was missing for a long time. You’ll find a powerful and efficient turbocharged engine, generous cargo space in the rear, and a comfortable ride when you take this SUV out on the road. Enjoy the handsome styling and the impressive feeling you get when you’re ready to take the Taos out on the road.

The SUV You Know: VW Tiguan

The compact crossover SUV found in the VW brand is the Tiguan which can be the SUV you want to drive. Get behind the wheel and experience the comfort, quality, and drive offered for the ride offered out on the road. This vehicle can be had in a variety of trims with the features you’re looking for when you make your daily drive.

It seems the verdict is that we can trust Volkswagen once again, especially with all the new models in the lineup and EVs that are on the way.

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