Ferrari 812 GTS: Just Excellence

Excellence is always found when you hear the Ferrari name. The Ferrari 812 GTS isn’t just any regular supercar for you to drive.

This car is made to give you two different cars to enjoy wherever you want to go. The GTS is a drop-top version of the Superfast coupe, which might give you an idea of just what you’ll find. To answer that query, you’ll see that the 812 GTS is a luxurious roadster that you can use to carve up the mountain pass, but then it can transform into the track monster you want to push harder than ever before.

A Naturally Aspirated Monster

Without a turbo anywhere to be found for this car, you’ll find an incredible V12 engine that gives you the insane power level you’re looking for. This engine is a 6.5-liter naturally aspirated V12 that is positioned just in front of the driver but behind the rear axle to push weight and power to the middle of the car and make it easy to have a balanced drive in this amazing Ferrari. You’ll love that this engine makes power the old-fashioned way, with high revs that can take you to the 8900-rpm redline.

To give you the power numbers of the Ferrari 812 GTS, you’ll quickly find that this car brings you 789 horsepower and 530 lb.-ft. of torque. The torque is fully realized at 7,000 rpm to give you the acceleration you want when you’re pushing this car hard. The engine mates to a seven-speed twin-clutch automatic transmission to give you the shifting and delivery you want during your time behind the wheel. For speed numbers, you can reach sixty mph in less than three seconds on your way to a 211-mph top speed that is more than enough for anyone to have a lot of fun in a seriously fast car.

Everything You See is About Performance

There’s nothing tame about the Ferrari 812 GTS, even though it is comfortable for you to drive. This car brings you a set of leather sport seats, Ferrari’s Virtual Short Wheelbase, which is a version of the rear-wheel steering, electric power steering, Brembo carbon-ceramic brakes, a small screen to show you some of the gauges, and automatic climate controls. These are the items that come standard to get you started.

You won’t find a long list of upgrades that can be put into this car. Choices are mostly related to paint colors, interior seats, and leather colors. You can have Apple CarPlay if you want it, a Passenger Display that gives your passenger the driving data in front of the passenger, and a suspension lift to help when you’re driving this incredible car on public roads.

A Surprising Feature of this Convertible

Unlike most of the lineup, the Ferrari 812 GTS has the engine in front of the driver and not behind the cabin area. That means there is some room in the rear of this car for you to carry some gear. Surprisingly, with the top up, this car gives you 18 cubic feet of storage in the rear. That means you have room for some of the stuff you’ll want to have with you when you use this car for your fun weekend getaway near the coast.

A Car that’s Absolutely Stunning

While you would have a hard time finding any Ferrari that’s ugly, you’ll be blown away by the amazing style and perfect lines of the 812 GTS. This car has a long hood, sleek cabin, sweeping lines, and muscular haunches to give you the pure sports car look that you want to admire. Top it all off without a top on it, and you’ve got a convertible that gives you the beauty and elegance you admire while being an aggressive monster on the track and roads that you want to enjoy every time you take a drive.

A Pure Driving Experience in the Cabin

You won’t find a massive touchscreen or tons of comfort features when you drive the Ferrari 812 GTS. What you will find is a relatively comfortable cabin with plenty of room for you and your passenger. The ergonomics are impressive for a supercar, and you’ll love the sporty features that remind you that you’re driving a car that is more comfortable on the track than on city streets. You can drive this car when you want to have a fun night out or a weekend away, but you’ll want to schedule some track time and allow the speed to push you into the seat.

Showing Off is Easy with this Ferrari

Where you go matters, and if you want to head out to an event where you can show off, you’ll love the looks that you’ll get when you’re behind the wheel of the 812 GTS. Show your onlookers how the top folds up and down. This top can lower or raise automatically with the push of a button during your slow ride that allows your audience to see more of what you have to show them. Let all those faces turn green when you’re driving by in your amazing supercar.

This Car Can Handle the Track

When you do get a chance to take the Ferrari 812 GTS to the track, you’ll be amazed by the way the massive Pirelli P Zero PZ4 tires stick to the tarmac. Further controls come from the rear-axle steering, the powerful set of carbon-ceramic brakes, and the shape of the car, which allows your speed to create the necessary downforce to keep you planted and ready for any run around the track. You’ll love the control you have when you hit the curves and the amazing acceleration you can experience when you come out of them.

If you’re looking for a supercar that can give you everything you want on and off the track, we highly recommend the Ferrari 812 GTS. This convertible is a naturally-aspirated monster that’s ready to be everything you want every time you take it for a drive. This Ferrari is just excellence on four wheels.

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