Dodge Teases the New Charger for Our Pleasure

Although the newest teaser video offered from Dodge to give us a view of a new version of the Dodge Charger SRT.

This car might be the newest version of the Hellcat, or it could be a version that will make its way down the line to some of the lower models. No matter which version of the Charger this new video shows us, what we can certainly see if the fact that the widebody treatments offered in the Charger that we’ve already seen in the Challenger to give us the ride that makes this car even more fun.

The Video Doesn’t Tell us Much

As you expect from any teaser video, especially where Dodge is involved, the video cuts out before you can see any real information and get a glimpse of the Charger with a new treatment. You can see the video, which is linked below, but you’ll see that nothing is truly revealed yet. Even so, after the Demon videos of last year, we might be seeing the beginning of what will be a teaser series from Dodge to give us a look at what will become the new Charger.

What do You See in the Video?

When you take a look at the video, you’ll notice the Charger under the sheet is painted in blue. This blue is called B5 Blue and it is one of the knockout colors offered in the FCA portfolio. You can see the upgraded grill under the cover and a pair of new inlets that bring more air into the engine bay to give the engine more air to allow it to breathe. This bold design is great for you to have the drive you’ll want when this new Charger arrives for you to take it for a spin.

The Next Move Upward for Dodge

Over the past couple of years, the Dodge brand has given us a look at different widebody versions of the Dodge Challenger R/T Scat Pack, Hellcat, Hellcat Redeye, and the Demon which was only offered in widebody forms. Each of these cars is faster and more powerful than the last and this treatment is what we expect with the new Charger that will arrive. This wider look allows for a revised and upgraded suspension setup, wider wheels and tires, and a wider track to give you more stability and fun when you get behind the wheel.

Speculation is All We Have Right Now

We can expect to see more teaser videos to let us review more of the upgrades being offered for the new Dodge Charger before it appears. The teaser campaign worked for the Demon and now it will work for the Charger Widebody that we can hope to see in the upcoming months. Maybe in the next video, the Charger will be more revealing, but if the body is the only part that’s changed, it might be a few videos before we see the entire look of the new Charger.

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