Will Ford Make an Edge RS for Our Driving Pleasure?

Recently, Ford created the new Edge ST which is a high-performance version of the comfortable midsize crossover SUV that we love.

Ford is no stranger to making performance vehicles that we can enjoy on the roads and bringing us more of the power and features that we’re sure to admire and enjoy for the drive. Even though this new model hasn’t been sold for long yet, the conversation has turned to whether or not this brand would add an even more aggressive model of the Edge to the market for our drive.

A Movement that Makes Sense

Because Ford announced earlier in the year that it would rid the lineup of all cars except the Mustang in the future, we need to think about how the team might make use of the qualities that have been offered recently. The current Ford Focus RS will no longer be offered, but what will be done with the amazing AWD system that’s used for this car to give it the active drive and fun we want. This is one reason that a Ford Edge RS could make sense and be offered as the exciting SUV that we want to drive.

An Easy Conversation for the Ford Edge

How hard would it be for Ford to build a Ford Edge RS? Let’s see, they could take the AWD system from the Focus RS, add the impressive 3.5-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine that makes 375 horsepower for the drive, bring in a set of aggressive tires, an aggressive suspension setup, active dampers, and torque vectoring, and this is an SUV that could be ideal for the drive we want to have on the road or at the track. Using this engine would make the RS model of the Edge more powerful than the new ST model.

Adding a Transmission that Makes Sense

There’s a chance, that if the Ford team were to build the Edge RS, it would be a vehicle that wouldn’t see the manual transmission that’s currently offered in the Mustang. While it might make sense to use this transmission for the drive, the reality is, this is an item that might not be offered much longer. Likely, we will see an impressive new automatic transmission for the drive that would be enjoyed in a future Ford Edge RS that might be added to the mix.

Is the Ford Edge RS a Sure Thing?

Actually, the Ford Edge RS is simply a thought, a conversation, and drawings on a napkin at a bar right now. Isn’t this how some of the most amazing items we have in the world are started? If so, the future of the Ford Edge and the potential for the RS could become a reality for certain. Hopefully, this SUV will become a reality, but for now, you can bet that we will continue to talk about what this SUV might be and hope that Ford will add it to the market to be a unique and impressive new model that we can enjoy.

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