The Near-Luxury Appeal of the Ford Edge

The Ford Edge has occupied a place in the market that’s been a bit different from many of the other midsize crossover SUV models we see. This vehicle is one that still offers a roomy cabin for 2019, plenty of standard equipment, seating for five, and the ability to head on the trails, but now it also has been upgraded with some major upgrades. If you’re ready to have an SUV that brings you close to a luxury level when you drive, the Ford Edge is the one that gives you what you’re looking for.

Stop the Boring Drive

If you’ve been bored to death by the midsize crossover SUV market, the 2019 Ford Edge is one that could be exactly what you’re looking for. This Edge brings you a balance of comfort and precision while allowing you to have the drive you’re after. There’s a new Edge model for 2019 which is the ST trim that gives you the drive and enthusiasm that will make you smile when you take it out on the road and let the 335 horsepower engine get to work to take you where you need to go.

How Has Ford Upgraded the Edge?

We’ve discussed the new Ford Edge ST several times, and it’s finally here, but that’s not the only change you’ll see in the Edge. This SUV now has a revised front and rear appearance for you to have a great drive, a new eight-speed automatic transmission replaced the old six-speed unit, there’s also a new package of driver assistance features, rain-sensing wipers, post-impact braking, and a front air curtain to help you and keep you safer in this SUV. You should take this impressive vehicle out for a test drive and let it become the one you love to drive today.

What Does the ST Trim Bring?

The new Ford Edge ST will have its own package of appearance items, but the most important part of what this SUV has for you is the 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine that makes 335 horsepower for the drive. This is more than what the Sport trim and it brings you the benefits of AWD, an upgraded suspension, and the performance you’re looking for when you drive. If you’re looking for some excitement, this is the right model for you to have a great drive.

Get Behind the Wheel of the 2019 Ford Edge

As you sit behind the wheel of this impressive midsize SUV, you’re going to realize this is the vehicle that can be right for you. Look around, admire the nearly luxury features, and feel what this vehicle has for the drive you want on the road. Imagine how much fun you can have when you choose to take this SUV out on the trails. Get behind the wheel of this SUV at your nearby Ford dealer and see just how much fun this vehicle can be when you take it out for a great drive.

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