2021 Honda Pilot Carries Your Family Safely

There has been a shift in the market that’s been going on for quite a while. Today, we look toward SUVs rather than minivans for the family driving we want to experience on the road. The 2021 Honda Pilot is built to give you the family drive you want and the versatility that will offer you the ability to carry gear and materials when you need to. Visit your local Honda dealer and take a look at the Honda Pilot that can become the SUV that you use for all of your driving needs.

Feel the Quality in the 2021 Honda Pilot

You can fit up to eight people in the cabin of the Honda Pilot that can be right for you to have a great drive and plenty of space. Remove the seat and you have up to 109.2 cubic feet of cargo room that you can use. You’ll love the different trims offered and the off-road driving that can make it possible for you to head out for an adventure when you take this Honda for a drive. Let the Pilot show you the quality it has to offer when you’re looking for the family SUV you’ll love to drive.

An SUV that Does What You Want

Today, we see a large number of SUVs being built that don’t have the capabilities needed to head out on the trails for a fun and active drive. The Honda Pilot does have an optional torque-vectoring AWD system that gives you the variable torque offering you want and the ability to automatically switch between modes when you drive. The amount of power sent to each wheel varies with this system to make sure you can have the drive you’re looking for when you want to take an adventure in the Pilot.

Excellent Safety from the 2021 Honda Pilot

If the Honda Pilot is going to be the SUV that carries your family around with you, you want it to be a safe model for you to drive. The Honda Sensing suite of safety features is offered on every model to make sure you can have the active alerts you need. These features make the Pilot an easy choice for you with the items that will make your drive safe on the road. You’ll find automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control, and lane-keeping assist just to name a few of the items included in this package.

Honda has What You’re Looking For

Do you have a family that needs a vehicle capable of fitting up to eight people for the drive? If so, the 2021 Honda Pilot will become the model that has the drive you’re looking for and the quality features you want. Take a look at this SUV when you see your local Honda dealer today and you’ll be able to enjoy what this midsize crossover SUV has for you. The drive is right and the features make a difference for you in the Honda Pilot.

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