2020 SUVs Compared in the Midsize Category

The spaciousness of a midsize crossover SUV that only seats five people is something you can’t beat when it’s time for a drive on the road. Right now, we have two new models that have been added to the mix of vehicles that we see in this class of vehicles to offer us the driving experience we want on the road. Whether you love these 2020 SUVs for the cargo room or for the added legroom, you’ll want to consider these vehicles when you’re looking for the right model to drive and enjoy every day.

Nissan Murano – Popular 2020 SUVs

The Murano is an attractive choice and it offers you and a set of cushy front seats and an excellent drive on the roads. This SUV has the looks you want and a wonderful drive with the use of a CVT automatic transmission that can be right for you when you drive. There’s an excellent list of features and technology that makes the Murano a great choice. The cabin is big enough to offer you the largest cargo area behind the second row of seats to give you the room you need to take the equipment with you when your drive.

Ford Edge

Here’s an impressive SUV with a silent engine and excellent grip on the road to make sure you can have the driving experience you’re looking for on the road. There are several choices you can make to have the Edge that has the power you want and the features that will make this the SUV that you choose for your drive. The Edge is one of the tallest models on the market in this class and it offers you the enjoyable drive you’re looking for when you get behind the wheel and experience a great ride.

Chevrolet Blazer – A Comeback 2020 SUV

This SUV brings you quick responses and fantastic control on the road to give you the drive that you’re sure to enjoy when you get behind the wheel. The Blazer brings you the sports car style you’ll admire upfront and it rides on a set of 21-inch wheels which are the largest in the group to make sure you can have an impressive driving experience on the roads you travel. You’re going to be glad to have this SUV when you need to take cargo with you because the Blazer has the largest cargo area in a tie with the Murano.

Hyundai Santa Fe

This affordable SUV is one that’s packed with features and is offered to you with the amazing ride qualities you’re looking for. Get behind the wheel and see everything this SUV brings you so that you can enjoy a great drive. When you want the most front passenger room in the class, the Hyundai Santa Fe is the right SUV for you to make sure you can have the comfort you’re looking for and drive the way you want on the road. This is certainly an SUV you should take a look at and drive.

Honda Passport – Fun to Drive 2020 SUVs

The Honda Passport is brand new for the model year and it offers you the roominess you want in an SUV that feels light on its feet. This SUV is affordable, quick, and easy to enjoy when you’re looking for a midsize model that has the qualities that will make you happy when you drive. Let this become the SUV that offers you the fun you want and the impressive experience you’re looking for from behind the wheel. Fill the back with gear and find the adventures you’re looking for in the area around you.

Which one of the 2020 SUVs is the Right One for You?

No matter which one of these SUVs you choose as the one you want to drive, you’re going to be glad to have the ride and the roominess offered by the midsize SUV class. You’ll find the drive quality, the comfort, and the features that make it easy for you to enjoy the ride and have the comfort you’ve been looking for. Choose AWD and have a vehicle that can take you out on the trails for a fun weekend in the sun or handle the challenge of foul weather when it arrives.


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