The Chevy Blazer is a Smart Package You’re Sure to Love

Do you need to have three rows of seats in the SUV you drive? If not, you can begin to look at SUV models that have two rows of seats and offer you more comfort and more cargo room for what you want to take with you on the road. The Chevrolet Blazer is a great choice when you’re looking for the right size and the seating you need. This is an SUV that offers you a stylish and sporty look while giving you a fantastic drive on the roads that you travel.

You’re Going to Love the Drive in the Blazer

The new 2019 Chevrolet Blazer is equipped with the features you want while giving you the daring style, satisfying road manners, and a name that you’ve known for a long time. If you love to have off-road adventures, you’ll want to load your gear in the Blazer and take it out for a drive. If you have a small family that’s active and enjoys different activities every week, you can make use of the Blazer and know that your family will be safe, comfortable, and able to bring all the gear wherever you need to go.

The Blazer is Easy to Park and Easy to Drive

With larger vehicles, the challenge that faces you can often be found in the parking lots that you visit. The Chevy Blazer offers you an optional 360-degree camera system to make it much easier for you to see the hazards around the vehicle and know what’s going on. This camera system also makes it simpler for you to hook up a trailer in order to take a boat to the lake or pull a trailer full of gear to the campsite for the weekend of outdoor fun.

Easy Comfort and Features in this Chevy

When you choose the Blazer, you’re going to have a few trims to choose from. You can enjoy the luxury comfort of heated and ventilated seats, or have basic comfort in the seats you choose. You can enjoy riding on 18-inch aluminum wheels in every trim and know that you have the benefits of the connectivity you want. When you take this SUV out on the road, your friends and family will be glad to ride along with you and make use of the variety of technology items that make the drive more enjoyable for everyone.

This SUV Makes Sense

Whether you’re looking for a vehicle that can handle taking you to your next starting point for an adventure or you want to have an SUV that can take your family where you need to go and give you plenty of cargo room, the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer can be the right choice for you. Get behind the wheel and make this the right vehicle for you when you visit your nearby Chevrolet dealer today. One test drive is all it will take to let you know that the Blazer is ready for you.

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