Toyota Helps to Bring the Latin Culture to Wisconsin

The Los Dells Festival was held and sponsored by Toyota in the Wisconsin Dells which is the largest Latin music festival in the Midwest.

If you love the Latin culture and you want to experience some music with the passion and heart that seem to be an incredible part of what this culture is all about, you need to look for the Los Dells Festival that will be held next year.  It’s certainly something impressive to experience and a fantastic way to begin September.

An Investment in Latin Culture and Art

By bringing the Los Dells Festival to the market, the Toyota team partnered with Sony to allow the beauty, style, and pride of various Latin nations to come together and enjoy what makes their culture something special. This music festival was able to bring a variety of musical performers to showcase their talent including several that headline and are extremely popular in their home countries along with several new artists that are able to let the world see what they can do and how their music can sound and be enjoyed during the festival and beyond.

The Names that Made it to the Stage at Los Dells

As you would expect, there were several Toyota vehicles present around the music festival to give those in attendance a great way to enjoy what Toyota makes. The main attractions were not these vehicles though, the main attractions were those artists that made it up on stage to let the crowds hear their music and enjoy what they have to offer. Here are some of the artists that were enjoyed by all at the event:

Oscarcito –a Venezuelan urban singer-songwriter

Gadiel –a Puerto Rican urban singer

Farina –a Columbian singer

Periko Jessi Leon –a Latin Grammy-nominated pop music duo

Jarina De Marco –a Dominican and Brazilian artist and performer

Raquel Sofia –a Puerto Rican singer-songwriter and Latin Grammy nominee

Descemer Bueno –a Cuban Latin Grammy and Latin Billboard award-winning artist

More investments in Music from Toyota

While you look forward to the third edition of the Los Dells Festival and await the list of names that will get up on stage and perform, you can admire the fact that Toyota has invested in the art programs of schools around the country. They have done this by partnering with VH1 Save the Music and presenting grants to deserving schools in Chicago, Las Vegas, and New Orleans and will make another donation to fund a Music Technology grant in the Philadelphia School District and another grant for the Miami-Dade School District.

Adding Latin Art to Technology

Art and creativity is a large part of the technology and development we see in many of the vehicles that we drive. Toyota is interested in cultivating a world in which the vehicles they make are artistically designed and able to offer us the acoustics we want in the cabin. Investing in music and art makes perfect sense for this brand, and we can benefit from attending the Los Dells Music Festival next year.

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