What the Funk?! How to Get Rid of Funky Smells in Your Car

Does your car smell funky? Are you tired of going out on hot summer days with the need to put the windows down because of the awful smell?

Are you embarrassed to take friends or family in your car? You need to get rid of the funky smell in your car. Some of the ways to get rid of the smell make it pretty easy for you to keep your car smelling a lot better.

Get Out the Vacuum

Many of the odors that are part of the bad smell in your car are trapped in the fabric. Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum and perform a detailed cleaning to make sure your car smells better. If this doesn’t do the trick perform a steam cleaning to know that your carpets and seats smell better and are cleaner than before.

Absorb the Odors

If you have spilled liquid and want to remove the smell and the moisture from your vehicle, use a mixture of baking soda and kitty litter to get rid of the foul smells that could be part o the problem. You can avoid this spill from becoming one of the funky odors you face by sprinkling this mixture on it and letting it sit for a few hours. After this, vacuum up what remains.

Charcoal is a Great Odor Eliminator

Charcoal is known to absorb smells and make it easy for you to have a car that smells a lot better. Get rid of the funky smells by grabbing a chunk of charcoal and leaving it in your car for a few days. Activated charcoal works best with organic odors or you can use charcoal grill briquettes that don’t have lighter fluid in them.

Natural Air Freshener

Some items can work naturally to absorb the funky smells and give you the odor-free car you want to drive. Natural smells you could create include vanilla on cotton balls, a container of coffee grounds, or citrus oils that can make your car smell a lot better. These items will make it easy for you to have your favorite scent during your drive and avoid the funk of a smelly car.

White Vinegar

If the funky smells are coming from the large surfaces inside your car, a solution of white vinegar and water in a spray solution will help you address this problem. Put this mixture into a spray bottle and spray it on the seats, fabric, and other surfaces. This mixture is a natural antibacterial and anti-fungal mix to make it easy for you to have an effective odor fighter to give you an odor-free car.

Get the Funk Out

You don’t want to have a smelly and funky car, but sometimes it happens. Use these tips and find the right way to get rid of the foul odors of your car. With these tips, you’ll feel great about the car you drive and the smells that are part of your ride.

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