Your Family Will Fall in Love with a Used Honda Odyssey

One of the most family-friendly vehicles in the world is the Honda Odyssey. It has the comfort, quality, and versatility every family needs.
If you want to spend a little less and have this minivan on the road, you’ll want to see one of the used Honda Odyssey models offered at your local Honda dealer.

Design Could be Different

Depending on the model year of the used Honda Odyssey that you drive, you’ll find styling differences. If you find a model from the 2018 model year or newer, the body is redesigned to give it a modern look and the feeling that’s closer to the newest models. If you’re looking at a vehicle that comes from the 2017 model year or older, you’ll see an attractive van that can be good for your family to have the drive you want when you get behind the wheel.

The Second Row Can be Configured in a Used Honda Odyssey

Some models of the Honda Odyssey offer you a second-row multi-sliding seat that reclines. You’ll have plenty of legroom for people in the third row and enjoy an inward/outward sliding feature that allows you to put the seats right where you want to when its time to get kids in and out of the vehicle. Choose the used Odyssey with this feature and let it be a convenience item that works great for you.

Tons of Safety Found in this Minivan

Honda knows how to give you the safety you’re looking for when you drive. The used Honda Odyssey you’re going to drive gives you the driver-assist and safety features you want to enjoy. The EX and above trims have more safety items to make sure you feel secure when you get ready for a drive. The LATCH child seat anchors make it easy for you to keep your safety seats in place when you drive the Odyssey.

Find a Used Honda Odyssey with a Modern Infotainment System

The touchscreen of the infotainment system in the Honda Odyssey is crisp and quick. Choose a model that has the eight-inch touchscreen display to give you the look you want and the quick response times you’re looking for. Honda gives you physical knobs for many of the controls you need when you take a drive.

Enjoy the Power of the Odyssey

Every model of the used Honda Odyssey that you see at your local Honda dealer has the same powerful V6 engine for you. This engine is a 3.5-liter V6 that brings you the acceleration needed to get up to speed in a hurry, pass when you need to, and the fuel mileage you’re looking for when you take it out on the road.

The Handling is Precise

You want to drive a minivan that has precision steering and takes you where you want to go with confidence. The used Honda Odyssey that you see will do this for you. Select this minivan and allow it to bring you where you’re ready to go so that you can experience the drive and the feeling of a vehicle that drives right. Take a test drive when you see your local Honda dealer today.

Enjoy the Quiet Interior of a Used Honda Odyssey

The interior cabin of the used Honda Odyssey that you choose to drive is noticeably quiet. It is well-insulated and will keep out road noise and engine noise. You’ll love the feeling of the suspension that adds to the quiet feeling you’ll have when you take a drive. If you find the Elite trim, you’ll have a minivan that’s extremely quiet during your drive.

Higher Levels can have a Ten-Speed Automatic Transmission

If you find a higher trim level of one of the newer versions of the used Honda Odyssey you want to drive, you might have a ten-speed automatic transmission as part of the package. If so, you’ll be pleased with the swift and smooth shifting between gears and have the benefits of a set of paddle shifters that give you the manual shifting feature to make the drive perfect for you.

A Used Honda Odyssey is Comfortable

One of the most impressive qualities of the used Honda Odyssey you want to drive is the comfort of the seats you’ll use when you drive. Everyone will feel the comfort of this van whether you’re going on a long road trip with the family or you’re simply running a few errands in town. Choose this minivan and let everyone you take with you experience the quality comfort offered.

Surprising Acceleration

The powerful V6 engine is capable of offering you the acceleration you need whether you’re trying to pass on the highway or get up to speed when coming off an entry ramp. This engine can move the minivan to sixty mph in 6.5 seconds which is pretty quick. Enjoy the drive and use this minivan to go where you need to every day. This van offers the acceleration for the confidence you’re looking for.

The Used Honda Odyssey is Spacious

You’ll have a hard time finding a more spacious vehicle that you can use when you need to bring stuff home for a weekend project. When you remove the rear seats, you’ll have 155.8 cubic feet of room for you to bring all the gear you need home from the store. Get all the stuff you need for the job at hand when you choose the right used Honda Odyssey.

Go Find Your Odyssey Today

If you’re ready to drive a used Honda Odyssey, you need to see the team at your local Honda dealer. This is where you’ll find the right minivan for your family to be able to experience the drive and fun you’re looking for when you want to go out on the roads for a drive. Ask for a great deal, find a model with low miles, and let your family experience the quality of the Odyssey today.

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