Your Family will Love this Honda

The mix of family-friendly features and a versatile cabin are important when you need to have a great minivan to give you the drive you’re after with your family.
The Honda Odyssey is a minivan that will ensure you’ve got the size and drive you want when you get out on the road. This is a vehicle that has room for seven and it makes a difference for you when you need to take the family with you for a great drive to the vacation location or out for a ride around town.

Enjoy the Powertrain of the Odyssey

The minivan that you love to drive is the Honda Odyssey and it has the benefits of a strong V6 engine that’s attached to a nine-speed automatic transmission for the ride you’re looking for. You’ll have up to 28 mpg for the drive on the highway which can be increased to ten in the Touring and Elite models. You can tow up to 3,500 pounds when you head out on the road with this minivan. This towing capacity makes it possible for you to take a light trailer to the spot you want to go with your family.

The Seats of this Honda are Perfect for You

The hassle of bucking in the car seats for your small children and then unbuckling them to move the second row of seats can be a serious problem for you and your family. Thankfully, the Honda Odyssey offers you the benefits of the Magic Slide Seats that are able to give you the ability to move the sides forward, backward, and side to side. You can move these seats while your child seats are buckled in and your kids are in place for the drive.

Clean Up the Right Way in the Odyssey

Your minivan is a lot like a rolling daycare center that has your kids inside while you take them where you need to go. Honda thought of an item that can make it easier for you to clean up after your children when you take this minivan out for a drive. The HondaVac is included in the Honda Odyssey to be the right item to suck up the cereal and the other snack items that your kids might spill when you’re driving. Take this minivan out for a ride and you’ll know that you have the tools to keep it clean when you get behind the wheel.

More than a Soccer Shuttle

The Honda Odyssey doesn’t just boast a package of practicality features that make this minivan the one that you love to drive, but it also has the items that you need to enjoy when you drive. There are high-quality materials, a smart, pleasing design, and the electronics that you want to enjoy up front. Connect to the infotainment system and you’ll be able to listen to the music and the answer phone calls without taking your hands off the wheel when you drive the Odyssey minivan.

A Lot to Love at the Top Level of the Odyssey

When you move up to the Honda Odyssey EX-L you’re going to have leather upholstery, a power tailgate, a moonroof, and the benefits of a navigation system and rear entertainment system. The Touring model brings in the new ten-speed automatic transmission, built-in 4G LTE Wi-Fi, an interior camera, a 550-watt/11-speaker audio system. You can have wireless phone charging, ventilated front seats, and other amazing upgrades in this minivan. Take this vehicle out on the road and make it the place where your family and friends can enjoy a comfortable ride with you.

Learn More and Enjoy this Honda

The Honda Odyssey is a minivan that gives you the benefits of a wonderful drive that’s comfortable for your entire family at a great price. There are several trim levels to choose from so that you can have the right way to experience a drive that will be smooth and energetic on the road. Visit your nearby Honda dealership and take the Odyssey out for a drive to see if this minivan will be the one that you want to take home with you today.

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