The New Honda Insight is a New Kind of Hybrid

Most of the hybrid models that are offered on the market come out originally as a small hatchback that’s meant to offer the way to give you more efficiency. The 2019 version of the Honda Insight bucks this trend by being a handsome sedan that offers you the exceptional hybrid efficiency you want for the drive.

It’s hard to argue with a car that can give you up to 55 mpg in the city and comes to you at a low price that will easily fit into your budget.

Tasteful and Impressive

Because the Insight is a hybrid car that’s born from the Civic, it’s one that brings you the tasteful and impressive ride you’re looking for. This car is one that makes a statement when you take it on the road for a drive. Using a small gasoline engine and torque-rich electric motor, you’re going to be impressed with this car and how it can offer you the drive you’re looking for when you get out on the road. The interior of this car is certainly a smart place to be with its comfort and classy style that you’re going to love.

The new Honda Insight is a model that shows up with a distinct character that’s all it’s own. This car is one that offers you standard alloy wheels, LED headlights and taillights, a premium quality for the ride, and the style that you’re going to love. Check out the shape that certainly cuts through the air to make this a more efficient model for you to have the drive you’re sure to admire when you take it out on the road. Imagine the feeling you’ll have when you take this car out for a spin.

An Insightful Drive Awaits You

Take a look at the impressive 2019 Honda Insight and let it be the car that provides you a few of the things you want including excellent fuel mileage and the electronics that are great for you to have the experience you want from behind the wheel. Visit your nearby Honda dealership and let this car become the one that will let you enjoy the ride.
Imagine what it will be like when you take this car home and make it the one that saves you money and offers you the style and ride you love.

The Insight Feels Different

Most of the time, when you drive a hybrid vehicle, it’s hard not to know it’s a hybrid. The 2019 Honda Insight is different from the rest. This is a car that seamlessly gives you the driving dynamics you want to enjoy and the quality features you’re sure to love. Whether you need to get into the highway traffic with confidence or you’re looking for the easy drive around town, this car offers a smooth and enjoyable ride for you. Check out the different systems offered and let this be the car that provides you with the ride that’s right.


Three Trims to Choose From

The Honda Insight offers you three trims to choose from which are LX, EX, and Touring. The features you’ll find to start with include automatic climate controls, a multi-angle rearview camera, power windows, a five-inch color audio display, an external trunk release, and more. Move up to the higher trims and check out what’s offered. The Honda Sensing suite of active safety features that comes as standard fare on every single model of the Insight to make sure you have the drive you want and the safety and security of the advanced electronics offered.

Braking and Connecting for the Perfect Drive

Hybrid cars use regenerative braking to capture some of the kinetic energy as electricity and extend the range of the hybrid part of the powertrain. Most of the time, this feature is what makes the car feel different from most others. Insight does a great job of using regenerative braking to give you a normal feeling. You’ll also be able to connect to the eight-inch infotainment screen to make use of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto to enjoy how your smartphone can connect and give you the sounds you’re looking for.

A Powertrain of Perfection

The efficiency you enjoy in the Honda Insight comes from the 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine plus electric hybrid motor setup. The engine uses the Atkinson cycle and the power offered can be enjoyed in pure EV mode when desired. The power of this layout is 151 horsepower and 197 lb.-ft. of torque for your enjoyment. The fuel mileage offered shows up at 55 city/49 hwy in the LX and EX models while the Touring model gives you 51 city/45 hwy mpg for the drive. Choose the right trim and make the drive in this car today.

It’s Time for the Drive in the Insight

The efficient and quality drive you want on the road can be offered to you by the new 2019 Honda Insight. This car is attractive, easy to enjoy, and brings you the systems you’re going to love when you take it out on the road for a drive. Stop by and see this car at your nearby Honda dealership today. Give this hybrid a try and take it for a test drive. You’re going to find out this car is one that feels much different from the rest of the hybrid models on the market today.

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