You Can Give Hope Through Car Donation

Do you have an old car sitting around that you don’t use any longer? Do you know someone that has a car that isn’t being driven at all?
The old cars that aren’t being used can have a new life and give hope to those who might feel they don’t have any hope o learning a skill or owning a car. Along with making a difference in the lives of those who need it, your old car will be a tax-deductible car donation that will help you when its time to file your taxes next year.

Your Car Can Help in Many Ways

The place to go with your old car is the Newgate School. This school is dedicated to the education of young adults who want to learn a skill but don’t have the money to pay for their education. The staff of the Newgate School trains the next generation of automotive technicians, donates many cars for low-income families to have a dependable daily ride, and as affordable sales to fund the school. Let this school handle your tax-deductible car donation and turn your car into hope for people who need it in their lives.

Your Car Will Teach a Skill

The tax-deductible car donation that you make to the Newgate School will be used to train low-income young adults to work on cars. This skill is one that is needed in many areas and is a great way for students who can’t afford school to be able to learn the skills it takes to be automotive technicians. The school has been self-sustaining since 1982 and continues to be free to students, which makes it much easier for these students to have the hope that comes with an education. The school assists these students in locating the places they will work and begin to have a career that can serve them well all their lives.

Your Tax-Deductible Car Donation Makes a Huge Difference

Imagine being a single mother and having a sick child. Now, imagine this situation without a car. You would either have to depend on friends and family to drive you when your child needs to see the doctor or use public transportation that you have to pay for. The tax-deductible car donation you make to the Newgate School allows the school to donate your old car to a single mother to use after it’s been fixed up to be a reliable ride.

The Car You Donate Provides for Education

Not all cars that are donated to the Newgate School are donated to the Wheels for Women program (which is the program for single mother) or used as an educational tool. Some of the cars are fixed up and sold at below-market prices to fund the school. This is one way the Newgate School has maintained the self-sufficient program that’s offered. This means low-income people in the area can purchase a car they might not be able to afford otherwise, and the students of the school can continue to receive their education for free.

Title Work Made Easy

If you’re worried that it will be impossible for you to donate your car because you’ve heard of trouble doing this, the staff at the Newgate School makes it much easier for you. This team is trained to handle the title work and process your car the right way. Bring your title and make the tax-deductible car donation today and you’ll have an easy time processing your vehicle so that it can make a difference in the lives of the students of this school.

Hope Springs with Your Car

You’ve got an old car that you don’t need, the Newgate School needs tax-deductible car donations to continue to operate and make a difference in the lives of others in the area. This makes for an easy collaboration between you and the school that can make it easy for you to donate your car and allow the school to use it the way they need to. Bring your old car to the Newgate School today and let them process your car and let it have a new life and give hope to those who need it.

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