The GMC Acadia Brings You Some Excellent Features

As one of the most impressive small SUVs on the market today, you can have an impressive drive and know that you’ve found the right SUV in the GMC Acadia.
This is a vehicle that’s considered the “right size” for you to have the balance of roominess and fuel mileage when you head out on the road. Let this SUV offer you some of the features you want and a long list of the ones you need to make sure you can have the drive you desire.

Favorite Items You Want

Continuously Variable Ride Control

This feature is offered on the Acadia Denali to be a system that uses a magnetic fluid to allow the shocks to shift from soft to hard quickly for you. There are several settings in between these two and the system will adjust depending on the road conditions and the terrain. Each corner adjusts independently to make sure you can have a smooth and comfortable ride.

All-Terrain Trim

GMC has created a new level of trims called All-Terrain. The AT model of the GMC Acadia is offered with the Active Clutch AWD system to give you improved traction on and off the roads. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of Hill Descent Control to help you from losing control of the Acadia when you’re driving down a hill or decline.

Standard Items to Make Your Drive Right

Tri-Zone Automatic Climate Controls

Many vehicles offer this with a dual-zone layout to give you the ability to have the temperature set the way you want on each side of the vehicle. The GMC Acadia, even in the base model, allows you to set temperatures for both sides and the rear of the SUV to make sure all passengers are comfortable when you take a drive.

Rear Seat Reminder

It’s important to bring groceries, pets, and children with you into the house when you get home, but there are times when we feel distracted and forgetful. The Rear Seat Reminder system is offered on the GMC Acadia to remind you that you need to check the rear seat to see if you left items or loved ones in the back that need to come inside with you.

Add Options for Your Comfort and Pleasure

Driver Alert Package

This package of features allows you to have the alerts you need to know when dangers are lurking around the corner. This package includes Side Blind Zone Alert, Lane Change Alert, Rear Cross Traffic Alert, and Rear Park Assist to make sure you can see what’s going on and avoid the danger that you can’t see, but the sensors on the Acadia can.

Dual SkyScape Sunroof

If you want to see the view of the sky and the look out of the top of the Acadia, this will be a feature you want to add to the mix. Have the look up and out that you want and see what’s going on so that you can enjoy the view of the area you’re in. At night, the stars will shine bright and you can see the beauty of the night sky above you.

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