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Since the early 90s, GMC has been churning out some of America’s most beloved SUVs year after year. From their hulking and smooth flagship, Yukon to their stylish and classy crossover, the Acadia, GMC has perfected the blend of rugged ability, pure performance and family comfort. Paired with excellent safety features, sturdy construction and the best in technology, it’s no wonder that GMC SUVs are often some of the most popular on the road. And as they are American-made and backed by their parent company, General Motors, these SUVs excel when it comes to reliability. But given how new vehicles are subject to often extreme depreciation that starts the minute you drive them home from the dealer, we’ll look at where you can find the best value in a used GMC SUV.


The Yukon has long been GMC’s flagship SUV. Since its introduction to the market in the early 90s, this cousin of Chevy’s famed Tahoe has been the class of the full-size SUV field. With enough cargo space to haul your extended family around town and more than sufficient power to push down the highway, the Yukon is perfect if you’re looking for that big, luxurious and comfortable ride. With plenty of different trim options, from the standard SLE and SLT packages to the high-end Denaliedition to modern hybrid options, there are plenty of Yukon models for you to seek out and choose from.


If you’re looking for something a bit smaller than the Yukon, but equally as capable, look no further than the GMC Acadia. These tough SUVs offer the most value in their class as they combine all the ability of a GMC SUV with a lower profile and more easily adaptable usage than some of the bigger SUVs on the market. The Acadia is also arguably the most stylish of all the GMC SUVs, possessing a sense of sophistication that most capable SUVs simply lack. And like most other GMCs, the Acadia has been offered in a ton of trim packages with a countless combination of options over the years, so finding exactly the one you need should prove no problem at all.


GMC’s most nimble SUV is their crossover, the Terrain. Perfect for a mixture of city and suburban life, the Terrain offers plenty of comfort and space in GMC’s most compact package. And with easily adaptable interior offering tons of configurations, the Terrain is perfect for hauling your family or your stuff, no matter where you’re going. And given that GMC only started rolling these out in 2010, it’s easy to find a low-mileage, like-new Terrain in used car showrooms just about anywhere.



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