Pre-Owned SUVs That Are a Steal

In a market dominated by SUVs, there are plenty of incredible deals available on pre-owned SUVs that you’ll love to drive.

Why Buy Pre-Owned SUVs?

When it comes to buying your new vehicle, there are a truckload of reasons to focus your search on a pre-owned ride. Whether it’s to avoid the depreciation that starts the instant you drive a new car out of the showroom, the fact that you can get much more car for your money when buying pre-owned, lower insurance and less expensive registration fees, or the simple fact that cars, trucks and SUVs last much longer today than ever.

Because of their size, powertrain needs and accoutrements, brand new SUVs are often far more expensive than their counterpart cars and trucks, which makes them the perfect focus for a pre-owned vehicle search.

Depending on your needs – whether you’re in search of a little extra headroom and decent MPGs for your daily commute, looking for something to take on your weekend off-road adventures or you need that extra seating row for your family of six – here are some of the used SUVs offering the best value you’ll find today.

Volkswagen Tiguan

You’ll be hard pressed to find a more reliable vehicle than a Volkswagen, which is why buying one pre-owned makes all the sense in the world. With a smaller profile than some of its fellow SUVs, the Tiguan is a perfect urban machine. And with plenty of models ten years old or less costing under $15,000, the Tiguan is arguably the most economical pre-owned SUV you might find.

Honda CR-V

It’s not an accident that year in and year out, the Honda CR-V is one of America’s favorite small SUVs. With most model years getting upwards of 30 MPG and nailing perfect dependability scores, the CR-V will not only save you money at the car dealership, but it will also save you money for as long as you own it. Finding a pre-owned CR-V for less than $15,000 is no problem.

Toyota RAV4

If you treat a Toyota right, it’ll run forever, which is why buying a pre-owned RAV4 makes all the sense in the world. A well-kept Toyota with 100,000 miles on the odometer will drive like new, leaving you with plenty of extra cash in your pocket to fill up all of the RAV4’s surprising amount of cargo space with your weekend toys or your shopping haul. You can get your hands on one for well under $20,000.


If you’re looking for a little bit of luxury, the BMW X3 is where you’ll find it. With BMW’s focus on safety, their attention to reliability, and, of course, their knack for German performance, the X3 is one of the best looking and driving SUVs on the road year after year. Getting yourself into such a luxury vehicle for less than $30,000 will get your heart pumping before you ever step on the accelerator.

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