We’re Learning More about the Bronco

Ford is ready to bring us back the Ford Bronco name in order to give us an SUV that should be ready to head out on the roads and trails to offer you the drive you want to enjoy. The fact that Ford ended the production of the Bronco in 1996 hasn’t caused our interest or desire for this name to be part of the market to wain at all, in fact, it might have fueled our desire for it to return for us to have the drive we want. We don’t know yet exactly when the Bronco will arrive or make its debut but it will arrive for the 2020 model year.

Ford has Tried to Keep a Secret

The Ford team has had meetings to try and keep the new Bronco under wraps. The testing mules that have gone out on the roads have given away very little when it comes to what we might know about how this SUV will perform or what it will look like. Even so, we do have some information that will help us answer a few questions, but might bring about many more as we look forward to the Bronco and its arrival.

Sharing the Ranger Platform

Will the new Ford Bronco share the platform with the current Ford Ranger? The testing models that have been on the road show that it should do so. The bodywork we can see comes from a Ranger and the front appears to be from a Ranger as well. While the body and the front fascia could change between now and when the Bronco shows up for the drive, it seems that this SUV will ride on the same platform currently used for the midsize Ranger pickup truck.

Availability of Models

One of the most important aspects of what the new Bronco will need is to offer us both two and four-door versions to compete against the chief rival in the off-road market. The doors of the Bronco will be removable and offer us the ability to have the number of doors that we want to be able to take friends with us for an adventure. The fact that the doors will be removable is a big step for the Bronco to be able to offer the experience we’re looking for when it’s time to get out on the trails and have some fun.

Expect the Ranger Drivetrain

Like the Ford Ranger, the Bronco will most likely start with one drivetrain and then grow to offer us more choices in the upcoming years. Also, like the Ranger, the Bronco will be equipped to offer you a serious choice when compared to other off-road SUVs in this class. There might even be a manual transmission offered in the future and there’s the potential for a number of different powertrains to be used in this vehicle to give us the qualities we want when it’s time to get out on the trails and show off what the new Bronco has to offer.

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