Comparing the Honda Insight and the Toyota Corolla Hybrid

The newest addition for Toyota is the Corolla Hybrid which is being compared to the new Honda Insight, which is also a hybrid model.

We’ve known that Toyota has the ability to build an excellent hybrid vehicle for a long time, but now they’ve turned to a different model that’s not just a hybrid to give us an option we want to enjoy.  The first thing you need to know is these two vehicles offer you more than 50 mph to make sure you can have the hybrid drive you want.

Two Leaders in the Hybrid Market


Both of these two hybrid models are offered with the power you want. They both make use of an Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder engine with two electric motors. The Corolla uses one that’s 1.8-liters in size while the Insight receives a 1.5-liter version. The Honda powertrain is able to make 151 horsepower while the Toyota model is rated at 121 for the drive. If you’re looking for the added benefit of a little more power, the Honda Insight will be the one you want to choose for the drive.

Exterior Size

Another area where Toyota and Honda are matched up is the wheelbase of these two vehicles which measures 106.3 inches. This means they share the basic footprint together and with their non-hybrid siblings. The overall length gives the Insight an edge of one inch and the Insight is also a little wider than the Corolla. The Corolla is 1.4-inches taller than the Insight to give you a bit more headroom when you get behind the wheel and take a great drive on the road. You’ll have to get inside both of these cars to see which one is more comfortable for you.

Interior/Cargo Space

The Honda Insight gives you a larger trunk that measures 15 cubic feet in size. The Toyota Corolla Hybrid gives you 13 cubic feet of space for your gear. Both sedans give you the ability to fold down the rear seat and both are offered with similar rear-seat room for the comfort your passengers will enjoy when they ride along with you. The Insight gives you a bit more room for your legs but the Corolla offers you a bit more room above your head to give you another area where you can choose what you want for your drive.

Choose the Right Hybrid for You

Now that Toyota has created the Corolla Hybrid, you can have a fantastic drive in a vehicle that has the look you want and the features that make driving right on the road. Both the Honda Insight and the Toyota Corolla Hybrid offer you at least 50 mpg when you take them for a drive on the roads in your area. Figure out which model has the trim and the qualities you’re looking for and start driving today. You’re going to love the savings offered by the right hybrid car.

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