Adding a Location Feature to Your Chevrolet

It no secret that GM is leading the way in family driving. The Teen Driver feature that’s offered on nearly every new Chevrolet allows parents to set limits for younger drivers.
It should come as no surprise that the myChevrolet mobile app is now being upgraded to give you more capability and features with your mobile device rather than just with the computer you use at home. This new upgrade should make it much easier for families to stay connected and know where the vehicle is located.

The Automated Feature of the myChevrolet App

A new feature called Vehicle Locate allows Chevy owners to send automated text alerts to friends and family when the vehicle that’s connected to the app enters or leaves a boundary area or it arrives or departs from an address. This can be useful for knowing when the vehicle moves around when you allow your teens to take it out for the evening and it can alleviate the desire to have your teen call you when they’re getting ready to leave from a friend’s home.

The Feature is More Specific for Your Chevy

The new mobile app replaced the Family Link service that was part of the program in the past. The Vehicle Locate can be set up to create a boundary of at least twenty miles in radius or as small and specific as a single address. Once set up, users can select who will receive the alerts for the vehicle and all connected members need to opt-in and you can have up to ten people connected to receive alerts regarding your vehicle. This is a great way for a family to know where the vehicle is and what’s going on.

Going Beyond the Connected Family

Other than just connecting you with your family regarding your Chevrolet, there are other benefits to this new feature:

• A Connected Commuter – You won’t need to notify your family or friends when you leave work any longer. The app will do this for you and make it possible for your family to be aware that you’re on the way home.
• A Concerned Parent – Minimize your worry and let your teenager have a good time without the stigma of having to check in on a regular basis. Let your Chevrolet vehicle do that for you and check in with you.
• Modern Dating – If you’re going on a blind date, you’re meeting up with a stranger, which can be a lot of fun, but it can also be a bit concerning. Let the app send updates regarding the vehicle location in case something goes wrong so that your friends and family can spring into action.
• Loaning Your Vehicle Out – When you own a truck or other utility vehicle, your friends might request to borrow your vehicle. Set up the app and know where your truck is while your friends borrow it so that you have an idea of what’s going on with your vehicle.

So, no matter if you’re tooling around town in a Chevy Cruze, or blazing trails in a Chevy Traverse, these features will allow you to travel safer and well informed. Talk to your local Chevrolet dealer to find out more about just how these advanced features will come in handy for you.

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