Tacoma Make a Serious Jump in the Market

It’s never been a secret that the Toyota Tacoma was one of the favorites among the midsize truck models on the market. This truck has been easy to trust and has been a model that we know can be equipped with the off-road features we want or it can be the daily driver you love. Even though this popular Toyota has been a truck that offers us the ride desired and the quality needed, it wasn’t among one of the most popular models for the 2017 calendar year.

One Year Made a Difference

For 2017, the Nissan Altima, Jeep Grand Cherokee, Nissan Sentra, Toyota Highlander, and Ford Fusion were more popular than the Toyota Tacoma. That seems to spell a bit of trouble for the popular truck, but after only one more year, the Tacoma is selling at a different level entirely. For the 2018 calendar year, the Toyota Tacoma outsold the Altima, Grand Cherokee, Sentra, Highlander, and Fusion and by large margins in many cases. This has made it possible for the Toyota truck to be the best-selling midsize pickup for 2018. This truck has become wildly successful as it leads the sales in its class by a huge margin.

Challengers for the Tacoma are on the Way

There are two newcomers to the market for 2019 that could take away some of what this Toyota truck has captured in just one additional year. The 2019 Ford Ranger and Jeep Gladiator are scheduled to be sold and will certainly capture some sales, but it seems that the following of the Tacoma will likely remain strong. These two newcomers won’t have the ability to take anything away from this impressive Toyota that we’ve loved driving for many years, especially when you consider the different trim levels offered for this Toyota truck.

A Change at Toyota

The success of the Toyota truck is not only found by comparing it to the other midsize trucks on the market, but also by looking at how it sells at its own dealerships. Only five years ago, the Toyota dealers were likely to sell twice as many Corolla models as Tacoma trucks. Last year, that number dropped to only 1.2 Corolla cars per Tacoma in America. The Corolla is the third best-selling car on the market and the Tacoma reaches up and is the ninth best-selling vehicle on the market today.

Will the Tacoma Success Continue?

The fact that Toyota turned around the Tacoma sales with incredible sales in only one year might be a bit of a stretch to say that it will be a strong seller for many years, but many of the current market trends might support this. Right now, more SUVs and trucks are being sold than sedans and hatchbacks, which means the Tacoma will continue to be the truck we turn to. As part of the Toyota lineup, it’s easy to see that we will want the reliability offered of this brand to allow our peace of mind and driving confidence and enjoyment. Even used trucks see reliability and value for years down the road.


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