Can the GMC Sierra Become the First Electric Truck?

Ford and GM have been in competition for more than a century with both experiencing their own level of success and failure during that time. The most recent version of this competition is the fact that Ford has announced they will create an electric truck, which has now been followed by a similar announcement by GM. The plan for GM appears to be that they will make an electric version of the GMC Sierra in the near future. While there aren’t any definite plans, it’s been confirmed that GM is considering this truck as the first electric truck they will offer.

Making Cadillac and GMC the Electric Leaders

Recently, GM announced that Cadillac will become the official electric division of the company, which makes sense because electric technology is more costly than typical gasoline technology. This means GM can offer Cadillac models at prices that will be acceptable for those who choose to drive an electric luxury car. This is the same reasoning that goes into choosing the GMC Sierra as the truck that could bring electric power to the workforce in a truck that has the range and the power needed.

Power Might not be the Challenge in a Truck

While we’ve been programmed to think of an electric vehicle as a small car that doesn’t have much power. These models are often able to cut through the wind and air in order to extend the range of the vehicle. The secret to these cars is the fact that the full torque number is available right away. This is certainly a useful scenario in a truck that needs torque to move trailers and heavy loads. The challenge for a truck to be electrified will be the range that a truck can drive when the loads and the weight will vary.

More Batteries Could be Used

One of the benefits of an electrified truck is the fact that GM could add more batteries in the floor of the cab and bed to give the truck enough battery packs to be powerful and offer an extensive range for the drive. As long as the truck has the ability to be refilled overnight, and it offers enough range to get a trailer or load from place to place, an electric truck could easily become an attractive option for those willing to pay and drive the GMC Sierra with an electric powertrain.

Back and Forth We Go

You should expect Ford and GM to go back and forth on this topic until one is able to offer us a truck that’s completely electrified. Even then, the other company will respond with what they deem to be a more attractive choice for your drive, making it an excellent model for you to have the electric drive and power you want. Even if this plan doesn’t come to fruition, you can see the benefits of an electric truck, but it’s going to be up to the teams at GM and Ford to get it right the first time.

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