A Strange Race for a Honda

Often we look at a pair of vehicles and try to compare what they have to offer because they exist in the same class of vehicle. These cars are tested and taken to a track to drive and race to show off what they offer when it comes to performance for the drive. The race you’ll see in the link below has two vehicles that are truly part of different areas of the market to give us an idea of what they can offer. If nothing else, this race is certainly fun to see.

First Up: The Honda Civic Type R

This little hatchback that has become one of the leading hot hatches on the road is a lightweight and nimble performer when you take it on the road or to the track. You can experience the fun and active drive every day because the Civic brings you good fuel mileage and a reasonable price for the drive. When you do head to the track, you’ll see that this car is active and fun on the blacktop where you find out how it can be tossed into the corners and give you the drive you need.

Second Up: The Land Rover Defender

Big size and big power are part of what you receive in this amazing luxury off-roader. Tack on the big price and you see just how different the Defender is from the Civic. This big brute makes use of a V8 engine under the hood and allows you to have a lot of what you need when you’re ready to have more fun on and off the roads you find. For the most part, you wouldn’t think to take this SUV out on the track and let it rip off some fast laps for fear that it might tip over.

Yes, it is that Ridiculous

If watching these two vehicles race down the track to see which one will finish the quarter-mile first, you’ll be amazed to see the results. The Honda Civic Type R is built to maximize the speed and power offered under the hood to give you the least amount of drag and make it possible for you to stick to the track. The Land Rover Defender is big, box, and bulky with a ride height that you’re going to enjoy when you take it on the trails, but it shouldn’t be faster on the track; or should it?

Power Makes the Difference

In this particular case, power does make the difference in a sprint down the track. While the Civic is listed to be able to reach sixty mph in less than 5.8 seconds, the Land Rover Defender can reach that same mark in less than 5.6 seconds. This continues on for the quarter-mile race that you see in the video, making the Defender faster in a spring that the Honda Civic Type R. Of course, if the race were to continue for laps around the track, the Civic Type R would win, but in a straight-line sprint, more power equals more speed.

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