It’s SEMA; it’s the Civic; You Do the Math

For decades one of the most popular cars for tuners to make use of has been the Honda Civic. This car with its low profile and inexpensive build has always been easy to work on and create the most impressive cars at the races. For a few years, before 2016, the Civic hasn’t been as popular with tuners, but we have to be honest, it hasn’t been as popular overall because it seemed to get lost in the wash of other cars that surpassed it in style and performance in the same class.

The Civic is back and it’s better than ever and now that it is Honda had a crazy idea for the SEMA show this year. They took several Civic models and gave them to tuners and then entered the resulting cars in the SEMA show for them to enjoy the ride. Let’s discuss some of the models of the Civic that were tuned to perfection and brought to the show for us to admire and tuners to show off so that we could be absolutely amazed by these awesome cars.

Tjin Edition – This tuner has been part of the SEMA show for several years and brought in a bright yellow coupe that showed off a front lip spoiler, a set of side skirts and a new rear bumper. The suspension was tuned up and given a new set of coilovers to offer the stance you want to see as this car sits on OZT wheels. The large brakes and decked out interior make this car one that was certainly worthy of the show and made the folks at Tjin proud of what they had built.

MAD Industries – This model of the Civic showed up with some gorgeous ground effects that were carbon fiber while the car was decked out in black and blue. The car has been lowered and uses a set of Eibach Pro Kit springs to give the vehicle the strength it needs. The wheels of this car are amazing and the exhaust has been moved to the center to give a distinct look and feel from this part of the car. On the inside the vehicle features black leather and suede seats that have blue stitching, giving the car some of the best overall interior appearances that you can imagine.

Meguiar’s – This car is the only four-door Civic that was tuned up for the show, but it’s one that was done perfectly and with purpose to make this a gorgeous vehicle to be shown off for the drive. The stance comes from the coilover suspension that makes this car look mean and ready to rumble. The hold is made of carbon fiber and the mesh wheels come from SSR. On the inside of this car you see the red and black Alcantara upholstery and you’ll love the upgraded sound system. This car doesn’t boast a ton of performance upgrades, but it certainly is one of the coolest Civic models that you’ll see from this show.

Honda – The company had to bring a couple of their own and they brought one that is ready for the race and will be eligible to race around the world. This car features an FIA-certified roll cage and a large rear spoiler and will be on the track during the 25 hours of Thunderhill which takes place in December. They also brought in a hatchback in the form of the Type R to give us a look at this new car that will be offered. This hatch showed up with Honda Factory Performance accessories that featured a large wing in the rear, ground effects new brake rotors and 19-inch wheels.

11.08.16 - 2017 Honda Civic Hatchback

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