Kia Blended Self-Driving with Special Equipment at SEMA

It makes perfect sense that a car company would have some of their offerings at SEMA be those that are made to handle self-driving and offer you the improved equipment that’s needed to make the ride even better than before. Not only did Kia bring in four models that fit both these descriptions, these four models are all insanely build concepts that are made for specific purposes. While none of these will probably make it to the production line, it’s cool to think they could and that they would be equipped to the driving for you.

Niro Triathlon – This vehicle is built with the tri-athlete in mind and is perfect for a trainer to use. The rear end has been cut away from the D-pillars back to create a space for a custom bike rack. It also gives you a tool box and a mount for a tablet computer. The ONEU safety laser bike lane feature is really cool. With this feature a bike lane is illuminated on the road and the athlete can monitor their speed, time and distance with the tablet while the vehicle keeps pace for them by using the self-driving mode.

School of Rock Sedona – This is a minivan that you want to take on the road with the band and enjoy the drive. On the inside this Sedona has the driver side B-pillar, steering assembly and gear selector removed to make room for a digital mixing board and two flat screen monitors to allow this on the go music education school to be able to record tracks on the road if needed. There are front mounted speakers and a light that illuminates on top of the vehicle when a track is being recorded to make it easy for anyone to know that serious musical creations are happening.

Sorento Ski Gondola – The Sorento is one of the most capable SUVs on the road already, but adding tracks to the bottom in place of the wheels makes for an interesting snow bound vehicle that could be perfect for the ski slopes. These four large tracks allow the vehicle to plow through any terrain and handle the winter conditions. There is a rack on top for supplies and skis and added cargo space is offered with the removal of the B-pillars. The rear doors are made in suicide fashion to allow for a larger opening in case weather victims need to be loaded up.

Soul First Class – Here you have a vehicle that’s built to allow you to have a comfortable and first class ride on the road. The seats have been turned around backwards and a large LED TV is mounted in the vehicle. This is a ride that’s made for comfort with the white and gray leather that covers the seats. The autonomous ride in this beauty would be an experience anyone would love to enjoy on the road as they pull up to the latest event in style.

11.08.16 - Kia Sorento Ski Gondola

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