Questions are Being Answered about the New Mazda3

We already know the new 2019 Mazda3 will make its way to the market soon, but we’ve been waiting to see what this car will look like and how the production model will become the right one for the drive. This new car will be shown off in all its glory at the upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show, but we’ve now been shown some spy photos that let us see what this car will look like inside and out. Based on what this car brings to the market, I can say that it will exceed expectations.

A Mazda Closer to a Concept Model

If you’re one of the people that subscribes to the idea that bean counters tend to ruin the automotive industry, you’d be right most of the time. When a concept model is shown at an early show, we typically don’t expect the features of this car to make it all the way to the production line. The Kai concept of the Mazda3 that was offered at last year’s Tokyo Motor Show gave us a preview of the new Mazda3. Happily, the production model appears to maintain much of what this concept model carried to the show.

The Photos Reveal a Mazda We can Love

The Mazda3 was seen out testing in nothing more than a thin vinyl covering to give us a look at the shape of the car. The shape looks similar to the concept model with the same nose and profile. The grill of the new model is larger than the current one and it leans forward aggressively. The windshield is very low and sleek and the new rear is dominated by a thick C-pillar that leans far forward. This rear end is tight and gives this car a shape that you can easily admire.

Taking a Look Inside the New Mazda3

The exterior wasn’t the only place that was viewed during this recent testing of the car. The interior carries much of the Kai interior to the market as well. The gauges are flanked by air vents, the dashboard is uncluttered, climate controls show a long horizontal plane, there’s an infotainment screen that’s touch-sensitive, and a rotary controller to let you control this system when you need to. It appears there’s a manual shift knob that will hopefully be offered when this car arrives in the US market.

Get Excited About the Mazda3

Ok, so now we know that the new 2019 Mazda3 is a car that will look and feel a lot like the concept model that we saw last year. So far, we don’t have any of the performance specs or feature lists to share, but the LA Auto Show is only a couple of weeks away. Once we see what this car has to offer, we can begin to clamor to make it the one we want to drive. This is especially true when we learn what the new SkyActiv-X powertrain will offer us for the drive.

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