A Stylish Genesis G90 Gains More of What You Love

When the 2019 Genesis G90 arrives on the market, you’re going to see a car that adds more of the style that you love.

This car is one that’s considered an affordable executive driving suite with its top-shelf luxury features and pricing that can easily fit into your budget. This car has been introduced in Korea already and is making its way to the US to give us the look and features we want when it’s time to head out on the road for an amazing drive.

What You’ll See in the new Genesis G90

The exterior of this full-size luxury sedan brings you a large new crest-shaped grill that’s flanked by dual-segment headlights. The rear of the G90 offers an even greater departure from the previous model with dual-segment taillights and a repositioned license plate which is lower on the rear bumper. The sides of the car appear to be the same as the 2018 version, giving this car the sleek and smooth style that you want when you’re ready to drive. Imagine the drive in this new G90 and let it become the sedan that has the class and the qualities you want.

More Features for Your Drive from Genesis

If you want to ride on 19-inch wheels, you can. The new Genesis G90 offers these as an option to give you larger and smoother wheels to ride on that have sound absorption technology to reduce the road noise you’ll have to deal with. There are also two new exterior colors offered that are called Porto Red and Gold Coast Silver. The interior of the G90 gives you a couple more colors as well which are a Brown and a Brown/Blue combination to give you the look you want when you take this car for a drive.

Increasing the Appeal of the Genesis G90

The interior of this amazing luxury sedan gives you a new 12.3-inch split-screen display to give you what you need and support over-the-air updates for the maps and software. This system is standard with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and Mirror Link functions. A new Active Noise Cancellation system helps to reduce the wind and road noise for passengers to have a more enjoyable drive when you get behind the wheel. These upgrades certainly make a difference when it’s time to get behind the wheel and experience the G90.

Choose Your G90 and Drive a Genesis

We expect the 2019 Genesis G90 to be offered with a 3.8-liter V6, a 3.3-liter turbocharged V6, and a 5.0-liter V8 engine to give you plenty of choices for your power when you drive. These engines will make use of the eight-speed automatic transmission to make sure you have the smooth shifting and ride you’re looking for. This new sedan will be offered in the US and other markets in the early part of 2019 to bring these new looks and new features to you for your driving pleasure on the road.

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