You Can Look Forward to the New Mazda3

When the Los Angeles Auto Show opens up next month, there will be a new Mazda3 that will take the stage.
This next version of the Mazda3 stays true to the concept model of the Mazda Kai that we saw only a year ago. While the Kai was shown as only a hatchback, the new Mazda3 will continue to be a hatchback with five doors and a sedan that offers four.

New Power Under the Hood of the Mazda3

We’ve talked a lot about what the new Mazda3 will bring and about the advancements that Mazda has made in engine technology. The new SkyActiv-X Spark Controlled Compression Ignition engine will make its debut in this new car. This engine offers you more efficiency than in the past in a supercharged four-cylinder engine that uses a combination of spark and compression to burn extremely lean fuel mixtures. This is an exciting move forward for Mazda and engine technology to allow gasoline engines to remain in the market for a few years more.

A Smoother and Quieter Ride in the Mazda3

The new Mazda3 will make use of a torsion beam suspension setup, which will immediately improve the overall noise and vibration of the car. This means you can have a smoother and more refined car to drive and enjoy. This will be a cabin you want to get inside and take a drive, especially when you add the quiet technology offered that will keep the noise outside the car rather than inviting it into the cabin where it doesn’t belong when you drive this car.

A Redesign Inside

Other than being a quieter place for you to have the ride you’re looking for, the Mazda3 will feature a cabin that’s been redesigned to be more comfortable for you. The Kai Concept showed off a minimalist interior with narrow HVAC vents which will make their way to the production version of the Mazda3. The infotainment center will look similar to what we already see in the Mazda 6 and the Miata while the dashboard area will feature a new digital look that we can admire and enjoy with a configurable layout that will give you what you want right in front of you.

Its Time to Get Excited

Enjoy the teaser video below and check out how sleek just one area of the new Mazda3 is for your viewing pleasure. This is a car that can certainly bring you the look and style that you want and the Mazda3 is a much better choice than it’s been in the past. If you’re looking for style, quality, sophistication, and an improved ride, the new Mazda3 could be exactly what you’re looking for. Get ready for the Los Angeles Motor Show where we’ll see this impressive car on display.

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