Ford and Volkswagen Agree to Work on Commercial Vehicles Together

Two automotive giants, Ford and Volkswagen will collaborate on the future of the commercial vehicles they build for markets around the world.
Ford has been a brand that provides a variety of the strongest commercial vehicles in the North American market and has worked in different global markets as well. Volkswagen is a giant in Europe and has been known to offer a large number of vehicles that are put to work every day to make sure things get done. Working together, these two names could take over a huge part of the commercial marketplace.

The Details are Few

Right now, the details of the strategy and the partnership are few and far between. The only truly solid result of this agreement is the fact that the pair has explicitly denied any chances of ownership stakes trading hands when it comes to working together. This means the collaboration will be just that, a partnership of working together on individual vehicles to bring us the models we want to put to work on the roads. Commercial fleets are different from the retail ones in the specific capabilities offered and both these automotive giants offer expertise that can be admired and enjoyed.

The Expertise Provided

Have you ever heard of MAN and Scania trucks? If not, you should have or at least get familiar with them. These two brands are part of the VW Group and are brands that have been used for many years in Europe. VW also has an alliance with Hino Motors, which is one of the Toyota affiliates to create more diesel and gas-electric hybrid engines, connectivity, and self-driving technology. This partnership and the expertise of MAN and Scania may be exactly what Ford needs to move forward in the commercial market.
As for Ford, The hold on the US market is strong and as one of the largest commercial truck and vehicle markets in the entire world, VW needs to find a way to break into this market and provide vehicles that we know and trust for the drive. The number of Ford fleet vehicles on the road around North America makes it easy to see how any brand would want to participate and collaborate with Ford in the commercial vehicle market. This means that both brands have something to offer each other in order to make this work right for them.

Answering the Call for Work

At Volkswagen, this partnership is going to answer a core element of the Group Strategy 2025. This cooperation is an opportunity to improve the competitiveness of both companies around the world to bring about more commercial vehicles that have features and qualities each brand brings to the market. Over the next several months, we can expect to learn more about what the VW and Ford partnership will bring when it comes to the commercial models that are used to get things done. As we learn more, we’re going to see how these brands are able to make a huge difference in the work we need to get done.

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