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When you visit the Ford dealership near your home, you’re going to see something new on the lot that you can enjoy driving. The newest model in the lineup of the blue oval brand is the Ford EcoSport which sits below the Escape in the lineup. This is truly a compact SUV in every sense of the world, but since that area of the market is growing faster than any other, it’s an important addition to give Ford the vehicle that can compete with the other brands that have had these models for a few years now.
We love to have vehicles that are small enough to drive comfortably like a sedan while offering us more room in the cabin to carry gear and have the vertical seating position that offers us a better feeling from behind the wheel. As one of the most affordable and versatile vehicle markets in the automotive industry, the low price of subcompact SUVs have become extremely popular. For Ford, the EcoSport fits into this area to ensure you can have the drive and the comfort you want to enjoy when you head out for your long commute every day.

Looking and Driving Like You Want

Most of the subcompact SUVs on the market offers only one powertrain for the drive you need to make. The Ford EcoSport offers you a choice of engines to give you the ability to have the ride you want. You’ll be able to select either a three-cylinder EcoBoost engine or a larger four-cylinder model, depending on what you want for the drive. You’ll receive an average of 28 mpg for the smaller of the two engines and 25 mpg for the larger one to let you have the efficiency you’re looking for and a vehicle that’s built the way you want to drive.

The latest version of the Ford Sync infotainment system is present in the new EcoSport. This system now uses an eight-inch touchscreen that features swipe and pinch-to-zoom controls. In addition to these upgraded controls, you’ll enjoy the connectivity of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto which have both been included in the infotainment system of this SUV. You’ll even have the ability to use FordPass to lock, unlock, and start your EcoSport right from your smartphone along with other controls and reports that are part of this app-based system that you can enjoy.

If you’re looking for a subcompact SUV to drive and you’ve wished for a while that Ford would make one that you could purchase, you can now enjoy the benefits of driving the Ford EcoSport on the roads in your area. This impressive SUV is ready to take on the competition and offer you what you expect to find in a Ford. Stop by your nearby Ford dealership today and you’ll be able to choose the right EcoSport model for you to have the drive you want when it’s time to head out on the road. One test drive and you’ll be ready to make this SUV the right one for you.

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