The Modern Team in an Old Neighborhood

As Ford puts a serious focus into the development of electric and autonomous vehicles that can be perfect for the drive, these teams will relocate to a location that is old and historic. This team will move from its current basis and relocate all 220 employees to a new location that will be located in the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit, MI which takes a page from the past of the company and puts it near the forefront in order to help the brand continue to succeed and be able to enjoy the future that will be profitable.

The neighborhood if Corktown is named for the immigrants that came to the area from County Cork, Ireland which happens to include the early family members of the Ford family. The new location will be operational in the early part of next year to be the place that advanced and future development of the Ford models will take place. This is certainly a wonderful way to blend the old and the new of Ford together in one place to help the name and the brand continue to grow and flourish as a name we know and love.

What We Can Expect from Corktown

Coming out of this Corktown factory we should see the development of thirteen new electrified vehicles which will be the result of the brand spending $4.5 billion to create these models. There will also be an autonomous hybrid vehicle in 20201 which is expected to be the model used as the commercial vehicle that can be perfect for ride sharing and deliveries. A new EV SUV will be built in Mexico to replace the Fusion that will no longer be built in Mexico after the 2020 model year to fill our desires for more SUVs to be built and offered.

While the team at Ford wouldn’t confirm anything beyond the Fusion being deleted from the marketplace, there could be a stop of the smaller Ford Focus in North America as well. This hasn’t been confirmed, but the brand has become heavily invested in SUVs, light trucks, and now in EV and AV models that will be developed by this team at the factory in Corktown. It wouldn’t come as a surprise to see the Focus become the next model that won’t be built any longer, but we won’t know for sure until Ford chooses to give us more information.

In the meantime, the team that will be working in the new Corktown location will put a serious focus on making the vehicles that can drive themselves and offer us the longest battery life and shortest charging times possible. This team will work in this old neighborhood and hopefully be a large part of the continued revitalization of Detroit in the process. It will be interesting to see what the thirteen new EV models are that Ford brings to the market for the future of the driving we want to experience on the road.

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