More Spy Shots Ahead of the Ram 1500 Reveal

We are certainly an impatient group when it comes to products we know are due to arrive in the near future. The enjoyment of learning details earlier and talking about what could be included when the new models make their way to the market is something we relish before new items head to the market. We want to see if we can learn information before the automaker wants us to and because early leaks and spy shots have become such a normal part of the discussion, automakers often capitalize on these items to enjoy the fact that we want to talk about their new models.

One vehicle that’s about to be fully revealed at the 2018 Detroit Auto Show is the new 2019 Ram 1500. We’ve followed this truck and what it could be when it arrives on the market for the past couple of months just trying to get a sneak peek of this truck without its camouflage in place. That seems to have finally taken place as the new Ram 1500 was shown with the front end exposed so that we can see what will greet those that see this truck coming down the road.

The New Front End and Some Other Items

The model that was out testing on the streets in Michigan most recently was the Limited trim and it was caught without its cover on the front. There was still some camo on this truck but the front end was captured in photos that show a new Ram with a front grill that has a more streamlined appearance. This front grille shows off the badge we admire and gives us a look at the trapezoidal design and a pair of sleek headlights that look impressive on this truck.

Yes, the Detroit Auto Show is only a short period of time away, and it seems we could have waited until then to learn anything new about this truck, it’s fun to learn something new ahead of the reveal. We do expect to have coil springs with the optional air suspension along with the RamBox storage solutions we’ve enjoyed in the previous model. There is expected to be a larger passenger cab model in the lineup and new tailgate options that will make this the truck you want to drive when you have work to get done or it’s time for some fun.

Under the hood, we may see a hybrid powertrain, a turbocharged four-cylinder engine, and a more powerful V8 that can reach the level of the competition for the fun on the trails. There’s no doubt this will be a truck that will capture our attention and give us a look at what it can be for the future of our enjoyment on the roads in our area. If you’re looking at a new truck in the near future, you’ll want to check out this impressive truck as it crosses the stage in Detroit as it could be the right truck for you to drive starting in 2019.

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